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How Do Different Steroids Affect Test Levels While On Cycle (Plus TRT)?

Tried searching, but not sure how to word it appropriately (did see a couple ‘similar’ results pop up after typing the title).

So, 41yo male, in a career field which still requires a high level of fitness. I had been doing self-administered TRT for a couple years but needed to switch to legit TRT due to overseas travel. Did that over the summer, so that part is good. Started injections shortly before traveling, so first follow-up blood test will be after I return in the fall (for monitoring of T level, along with everything else).

Where I am currently, gear is legal and I will be going to a pharmacy soon to pick up some supplies (doc gave me my 2-month supply pre-loaded in syringes, and close to 2/3 of them were empty once I arrived at my final destination - so I am going to pick up a vial of T). My question is, how do different compounds affect T levels on blood work? Obviously, if I go big with my T injections, that will show up, and I read on another thread that dbol won’t affect it because it acts on androgen receptors.

Can anyone point me toward a resource which covers this? If I do blood work upon my return and my T levels are way above range, then they will either significantly reduce my scrip level, or cut me loose for ‘abuse’.

If it helps, my specific question is toward EQ, but info on several would be appreciated. Aside from tren and the nandrolones - had a bad experience with tren sides, and I’d rather not deal with that again.

TL;DR: I’m on TRT and want to add another compound without it showing up on standard blood work as elevated T levels.

Depends on what assay/test method you have done. If it is MS/HPLC, which mine usually is, no other compounds will show up as elevated testosterone. These methods look at the actual molecule, so if it’s not actual testosterone it won’t show up, androgen receptor activity and activation do not matter at all for these test.