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How Do Christians Deal with Repeated Sin?

Not really. Most of us just sit back and let you all argue amongst yourselves because we don’t have a dog in this fight.

Billions of years to create man vs 6 days. That’s really low volume.

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I’m not an athiest.

On the off chance that this is an actual question…The concept of repeated sin being an obstacle for the believer isn’t about people who “fight the good fight” and repeatedly screw up (we’re all human), it’s about people who revel in their screw ups.

Like the difference between someone who is an alcoholic fighting through recovery and falls off the wagon vs the guy who doesn’t want to be in recovery at all


Is it HIT if you rest 3 days before resurrecting?


Good point.

Also taught is the concept of repentance - the act of turning 180° from the ‘sin’ and walking away.
While taught in the Bible as a means to live a more righteous life, it works great in the everyday world.
Tired of not getting that book read? Quit plopping down in your chair and turning on the tv mindlessly.

I know you got drug to church growing up. :slight_smile:


I thought he already figured out his MRV in the desert.

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Yep, my dad was actually a baptist deacon. But once I rebelled at 14 I’ve only gone back for weddings and funerals(not my own wedding and certainly won’t be for my funeral) it drove my dad crazy to the point he called me the devils child. Being the smartass I was I would just laugh.

@tlgains - were you going to go anywhere with this? There’s been a lot of jokes made but based on your statement of being a teen male I’m guessing you were referring to jacking off or porn or something.

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Replace the action you don’t like with something else. Feel like yanking the horn, maybe lift some weights.

I don’t think there is much place for shame if what you are doing doesn’t hurt anyone else. If it is hurting others you will need to stop.

Just stop. Whatever it is that you are repeating just stop unless you are beating off to a picture of Ivnaka Trump. Oh,baby I love me a blonde. Do you think if you put Jared in a blonde wig that it would be like banging out twins? Asking for a friend.

Did you make an account just to say that or something?


There’s a CROSSfit joke here somewhere…


Was he looking down or up?

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The potential for this gimmick is high.

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It’s marine77’s soulmate.

The cerebral aqueduct?

Welp I put Srs in the title. Maybe I should’ve done that before posting this.

I’ll put it this way. This thread is connected to the one involving dating tips. Like you guys said or @T3hPwnisher said how I need to get out of the mindset that woman are objects. Repeating this same thing just makes that mindset stick with me. It’s all about improving myself. I haven’t really taken any action all I did was talk to Christian friends about it. I guess talking about it just reminds me that I need to do and stop saying stuff. In the Bible your partners are supposed to be thought as sisters of Christ not some sex thing.

Plz stop calling me a troll. I am not a troll. Not gonna lie the jokes are funny but they kinda hurt.