How Do Bodybuilders Eat 6000 Calories Everyday?

Hi all,

How do bodybuilders eat 6000 calories everyday?

Through their mouths perhaps?


Many Americans do it everyday. We didn’t become a nation of fat asses by restricting caloric intake and/or exercising.


Top tier body builders force feed in the off season. Kai Green did a documentary a few years back that covered his life and training as an up and comer at the time. If you’re curious about the lifestyle find something like this to watch in your free time.

Also, keep in mind that most bodybuilders eating that many calories effectively are on steroids, growth hormone, insulin etc. Outside of the super sized strongmen competitors, almost no natural lifter needs that amount of calories.

I’m a small stature guy and it took years to get above 200 lbs. I also did several light steroid cycles in my past. Bulking in the winter involved schedules feeding even when I wasn’t hungry. You layout your macros, target calories, and schedule your meals at a specific time every day.


By eating up to 6 to 8 times per day with unusually large portions of food. And some don’t eat 100 percent “clean”, like Michael Phelps didn’t only eat clean for 10,000 calories.

You might like Eddie Hall’s eating videos.

I think eating 5000 calories isn’t difficult for an average statured man. I eat around 3000 now and it feels like nothing. Beyond 5k might be hard for some.

I got up to an obese permabulking 235# at 5’10” in the late aughts and was eating around 5k and it didn’t feel hard. And it seemed as if the more I ate, the hungrier I got.


Liquid calories make it easy- 2 scoop protein shakes made with whole milk= 540 cal.

Knock down 4 of those every day on top of everything else and see where that puts you.


Which super sized strongman competitors do you think are natural?

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Lol I knew someone would comment on that. My point was that if you’re 6’6 and shooting for 300lbs plus, I could see someone natural still eating that much.

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If you challenged me to eat 6k each day for a week this is how I would do it.

3 shakes, 3 meals.


Oh, you went all healthy like.

I used to just do 2 sheetz sausage, egg& cheese, + shake.

10:00 Shake & bananna or peach.

12ish- family sized chicken breast salad with fries & cheese (its a 'burgh thing)

2:00 shake.

Dinner- a pizza (large) or hoagie (16")

Later- can of tuna sandwiches & shake

Bed- shake.

Maybe 10-12 beers if you get down like that. :rofl:


I heard he had a secret about how to increase calories with a grapefruit. Video was age restricted for some reason, but maybe it’s worth a watch for OP?

Dunkin for bfast
Chick-fil-a for lunch
Mcd’s for dinner

Oh wait thats the standard diet, lol


And they have top tier genetics for gaining and holding a ton of muscle. I believe I would still get fat AF if I consistently ate 6,000 calories while being on all of those things. I think some of those guys can put on muscle at 3X the rate I can if we started at the same place. I wouldn’t even say my genetics are bad, it is just the elite guys are so much better.

Me too (basically exactly, 5’10", and heaviest was 235 lbs). I wasn’t force feeding either. If my training is hard, my appetite adjusts and I’ll gain if I don’t restrict.

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