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How Do Bodybuilders Do HIIT Cardio?


I am just curious about something. A few people I know swear by HIIT to drop some weight. I agree HIIT may sound better for an athlete trying to develop better conditioning but how do bodybuilders do it?

For one, it seems like a horrible idea to do it after a weight workout and if done on off days, wouldn't that simply hinder recovery?

I for one have never tried it and don't actually do any ''real'' cardio except for walk as much as i can throughout the day. I don't know of any big pro bodybuilders that actually use HIIT but it seems like it's still one of those constant debates - HIIT vs Steady State.

I just don't see how a bodybuilder can actually include it in their routines without drastically cutting back on their strength training.


I've used HIIT in the past and seen good results. It's best to do it on off days, or in a second session later in the day after weightlifing.


I personally do it on off days...either with the treadmill set at a steep incline 30 seconds on, 60 seconds off, or if I have the time I'll go to a field and do full out sprints. The intervals on the treadmill have never seemed to harm my recovery/my workout the next day...sprints outside on the other hand have in the past. Take that as you will.


cool, thanks for the advice.


I used Interval work during my contest prep. On non-weight training days, I started with only 15 mins, and eventually right at the end was doing 30 mins, maybe twice a week. Everything I've read points to it being more LBM sparing, and I was certainly pleased with my overall conditioning on contest day, so it's staying in my next prep as well.