How Different Sports Shape the Body

I’m in the middle of putting together an informative album on facebook titled “How Different Sports Shape the Body”. It’s a collection of female athlete pictures with a brief explanation of their general training. I hope that this will help a few of my friend’s understand what endurance training does, what weights do, etc.

The album is located here:

Would anyone in this forum be interested donating a picture of themselves to this album with a little snippet about how they obtained their results? If so, just post the picture and information here. I really appreciate it!


Not a bad start…

Something like this?

[quote]roon12 wrote:
Something like this?

Kind of. I have a picture of a pro in each popular sport (for people to participate in, not watch) in addition to pictures of friends who do similar workouts. They’re arranged by training style and many of them are action shots taken at a competition which also give a good physique view. A few are just full-body pictures. So far I have about 20 pictures, with a few of the same individual.

I have enough examples of crossfit, but none of power-lifting and gymnastics (it’s really hard to get a good active picture of those sports where the full-body musculature is mostly visible, especially gymnastics). I’m also interested in combo runners+lifters.

that’s a cool idea! I’d do it but I’m not a purist in my athletic stuff to really be much of an example.

[quote]brute_fury wrote:
that’s a cool idea! I’d do it but I’m not a purist in my athletic stuff to really be much of an example.[/quote]

I just realized this thread is still going. Not to sound creeper-eske, but I’ve checked you out and you should do it. You’re a perfect example of a woman who lifts heavy, even though you aren’t a purist.

Just include a picture of your choice and your training. You can also fb message me, as some have done.

[quote]roon12 wrote:
Something like this?

On page 1 of this link is Darrell Russell, a teammate of mine while at USC. While his physique is not entirely impressive, he could 360 dunk a basketball on a regulation rim, I saw with my own fat eyes. His athleticism for his size is downright scary.

I like how you don’t name Sharapova.