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How Did Your Parents Meet?


I am curious to see the responses people will put up here. I attend a large university and meet lots of different women all week. I wonder when I will the meet the one, and not a one niter.

So how did you and your wife meet? Fire away.

because I am a good Samaritan here is a picture.


My parents?

Well my father went to a Halloween party and when he was there a cute girl came up, grabbed him and kissed him.

At that point she realized she had the wrong guy, turned around and introduced him to her friend and ran away.

Her friend was my mother.


My mom was a hooker and my dad is a crazy old vietnam guy

Put 2 and 2 together......

Momma always used to say I I'm not worth the 60 dollars she got that night


I do have a good pic to go with this.

My dad was in the army in Germany in 1954 and met my mom (she's from Scotland) and she was working at the canteen.
They had this picture taken and my mom's dad saw it and said to her "YOU'RE NOT MARRYING THAT DRUNKEN CANADIAN!" and he threw the picture in the fire, but my mom grabbed it and only the bottom corner burned. She told her dad that my father wasn't drunk, just blinking.

My dad told me years ago that he was indeed drunk in that photo. Also apparently so was my grandpa when he threw it in the fire.

Neat geek fact: My parents got married on November 12, 1955. If you like [i]Back to the Future{/i] you'll recognize that date.


my dads sister introduced them, they are now divorced and despise each other.


I think I screwed that pic up, let me try again.


My parent met by the fountain at San Jose State. It was 1969.

That night my dad took her to see The Rolling Stones at The Warfield in SF. She was just eighteen but he licked his handstamp and transfered it onto her skin... snuck her in.

My parents are still married and truly in love and truly happier and better for/with each other.

Its awesome and I'm so lucky.

This pic is my christening... thats a rose petal on my lil forehead. Don't ask me! Damn hippies LOL


That's sweet and we can see you share your mom's beauty.

But where did that flying blue heart come from?


My parents met in high school and got married when my mom turned 18. They actually lived on the same street as each other growing up. Only four houses down the street. It's kind of nice whenever I see my grandparents I only have to go down the street to see the others.

Now it's 38 years later and they are still married, boom!!


My father was in a music band and they played all around Europe. He was engaged and ready to marry in few months. He went to Norway, met a young blonde named like his fiancee, fell in love, broke the wedding plans and eventually married the blonde woman.

This was almost 35 years ago and I only recall them having one crisis.




Arranged marriage.

You asked.






My parents met while both were in the army. Pop had just came back from Korea and was stationed in Fort Ord, in Cali, and my Mom was working at some office there.

Mom was 20, Pop 21.


My father, the heir to a large inheritance built by the prospers of industry and real estate speculation met my mother while he was studying for his doctorate. He was taken back by her kind nature, and together they made plans to give back to the society that had so graciously given them so much.

After my father finished his studies, they were married and he took control of the controlling stake in the family enterprise from his father. They developed many foundations and helped bring the city that they were born and raised in out of the despair that had befallen it based on the evil doings of criminals.

When I was 10, my parents took me to see "The Mask of Zorro" at the local theatre. When the movie was over, we got up to leave but decided to take the service exit into the alley outside so we could avoid the rush. In that alley, my parents and I were met at gunpoint by a man demanding we turn over our valuables to him. When my father went to stand in front of my mother, the criminal shot him and then quickly shot my mother. He leered at me and then quickly ran off as I was left to watch my parents die in the alley.

Many years later, I swore to avenge my parents death. As a man, I was nothing. But as a symbol, I could strike fear into the hearts of the criminals that have overrun my home...I became...Batman


My father was a grad student at Iowa State, my mother a grad student at Wyoming. They randomly were both in St Louis at the same time, and randomly had a friend in common. They randomly met the friend at the same restaurant on the same night.

My father, with his 70s afro, kissed the dude on the mouth in greeting. My mother thought "Oh, too bad, he's gay." My father saw my mother with this dude, a notorious womanizer, and thought "Oh, another one of his floozies."

They ended up talking, and then the next day my father drove her back to Wyoming. He fell in love with her when she said "I'm poor, my family is poor, and I have a kid, and so fuck off if you can't handle it." Six weeks later, they were married. They will hit 40 years next September.


OMG! That just so seems like they would have produced a PMPM! :smiley:



Me, too.

My grandparents (all of whom were basically refugees at that point) decided my parents would be a good match and basically told them to get married. 7 daughters, one son.

There was literally a "matchmaker" who introduced them.

65ish years later, still married, and completely inseperable. They still have sex which disturbs me in ways it shouldn't. (Mom and dad were comparting the benefits of Cialis vs. Viagra this weekend. I'm a grown man, But, ick.)

Arranged marriages get a bad rap, and are certainly more "advice" than "arrange" nowadays, but a lot of thought goes into them from people who love them.

I found my eldest daughter's fiancee and introduced them. Not exactly a "matchmaker," but I know and love my little bird more than anyone in the world, know her better than anyone, so I could cut through some of the bullshit.

Flies F-16s, good family, good looking guy, very smart, Ivy leaguer, and tough enough that my daughter won't completely bulldoze him.


College, through a group of friends.