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How Did You Tell Your Wife / GF You Use AAS?

Or have you not told them at all and hide it?

I’ve been in this situation with a few different gfs. First one got real mad at me when I just came out with it and was being honest. Couple others didn’t make a big deal, my current one found out by finding needles in my room, so I had to just come clean about that before she thought I was up to something worse, she was more upset I kept it away from her than the fact I was using them. Basically, if you trust your partner and plan on being with them for a long time I’d just tell them the truth.

First time I ever used AAS I had been married for about 4 years. I had mentioned it to her before trying it and she was 100% against it.

Well I knew it was something I was going to do anyways and I thought it would be easiest to convince her (that I wasn’t going to be a roid raging maniac and that I was going to have a heart attack and die) if I could somehow show her it wasn’t that big of a deal. So I used test and dbol for about a month before telling her. She was furious for a few days, then just mad for a few more. After lots of talking about it, and I likened it to her Botox, she’s ok with it. And I was able to prove to her it wasn’t going to kill me and I wasn’t just going to be angry all the time. Now 2 years later she helps me with all my injections, and any time I wanna blast she cares more about the money spent than the compounds used.

I am very open and honest about all of it, what my goal is, why I’m choosing a certain compound, the benefits and the side effects of each compound, etc. I want to try tren eventually but that’ll be a whole new conversation for the future. She knows all of the potential sides that come with it and is genuinely worried about my health… as am I.

I am forbidden the Tren by my wife. I would have to keep it secret if I want to taste the forbidden fruit.

I started on TRT, and had lots of talks about the benefits and potential downsides with my wife. Starting blasting was not a big deal for me as she already was seeing me give myself shots. She likes me being in good shape and as long as I am not being stupid, which she knows the difference between when it comes to gear as we both go to a hardcore gym where many people are on.

It probably helped my case that she knows at least 10 people on the sauce from the gym. They are not rage filled A-holes. Although as mentioned above she would not put up with crazy blasts as she would be worried about health.

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Dude, honestly I didn’t know anyone that used AAS until I started using them. I’m pretty open and honest about it within reason of course. But now it seems like everyone uses then

I am also pretty open about it. The number of AAS users I knew about tripled as soon as I mentioned that I do TRT with a blast thrown in here and there. There remains two that have impressive lifts that I am not convinced are juicing and compete drug tested. Every other strong person has at least dabbled in them at my gym it seems.

Currently convincing my wife that I should drop my trt clinic because of the cost and instead 1.) use my pcp to prescribe me my testosterone, 2.) start brewing my own MENT as an eventual replacement for test, and 3.) use the additional savings to buy a bunch of GH.

I had already been married for several years before starting and discussed it with my wife first. She was apprehensive, but understanding. She will not help me with injections because needles make her uncomfortable.

I was married for about 5 years before I started. I’ve run about 5 or 6 cycles since then, and haven’t said a word. She was totally against it, assuming I’d just rage so I haven’t said anything. She has mentioned things about the bacne, and that “people probably think you’re on it” before. She dated a dealer many years ago and did a cycle herself, so I find it hard to believe she doesn’t “know”.