How Did You Start Steroid Use?

I was trying to think of a clever, but educated way to start this off, but decided to just tell you my story then ask my questions, cut and dry.
I want to start getting serious about bodybuilding and start competing. I am 26 years old, and I have been lifting for a little over 3 years now. And I don’t care what anyone says or thinks, I believe that you can truly do anything you set your mind to, and I believe in following dreams. And I dream of competing at a professional level.

So when I say I want to get freakin huge, I am talking like Jay Cutler huge. And I am no newb to bodybuilding, I know damn well that in order to be that huge it takes a shit ton of determination, will power, training and yes, the use of certain performance enhancing drugs.

When I first began lifting it was for the most common of reasons. To look better, be healthier, and of course, to elevate the quality tail I could chase and actually nail. But once I started lifting, as I am sure many people here can relate…it changed my life. Suddenly I am having dreams about lifting. I have a hard time (even now) falling asleep the night before I start a new routine just because I am so excited and I cannot wait to get to the gym and start training. Eating suddenly went from “hmmm, what sounds good for dinner?” to “Okay, so if I eat a baked potato with my salmon, that will give me just enough carbs to carry me thru the rest of the evening, and it also balances my macro nutrients out perfectly!” It was at this point that I truly realized lifting, training, dieting, and finally…competing, is what I want to do. What I want to focus on.

But alas, I admit I have been and still am, quite the loner when it comes to training.

I feel the hour long lessons the iron gives me each day is to be shared between itself and I, and I pay with the sweat and sometimes small amounts of vomit, it brings about. So needless to say I have no mentor, no fellow training partner to turn to when I have questions such as these. And so, I decided to go ahead and ask the mecca of sites. The one hot spot in my internet browser to which I owe so much of the credit for the body transformation I was able to achieve.
So now that you know a little about me and where I am coming from, these are my questions…and please, only educated answers, eh?

  1. How does one start steroid use? i.e who should I talk to, what should I read, study, and understand, etc?

  2. How does one actually go about getting them? I’m not asking you to give me the name and address of your source here, just a general overall answer would suffice.

  3. Say both one and two are achieved, how do you know what to take, how much…how often?

  4. Where do all the bodybuilding coaches hide?

In a perfect world I would love to meet a coach who has trained pros or at least those trying to go pro, who would know the answers to all of the above questions AND be able to train me, teach me how to pose…but where in the hell do you find people like that, and how?

I think I will stop there for now. Those 4 questions alone are quite a bit to ask of anyone. Seeing as how I have been trying to find the answers to these for almost 7 months now with no luck…I am hoping at least one of you can help me out!
Thank you all for your time, and for reading such a long post, and for any help!

1 and 3 are easy

Reading the cycle planning, newb, and SERM/AI threads at the top of the steroid forum page are a great place to start. That will give you the standard information that is followed here.

You can then move on to old threads to read about common mistakes and the indvidual differences in experience.

Other sites have steroid profiles on each and every drug. Those are very helpful after you have an idea on the basics of what steroids actually do in the body.

Questions 2 and 4 are more tricky.

For 2 I’d say your best bet is to make friends with the big guys at your gym, if it’s a big place. You’ll be surprised how many people are actually using or have acess. Becareful about getting ripped off, which is why I said make friends with the person. The next best thing is the scour the web for sites that sell stuff. That is very hit or miss (from what I hear). There is always the risk of customs interception if you find an internation source.

4 I have no idea.

Have fun reading

read all of Cy Willson’s articles for #1 and #2.

I read all his Cyborg ones and they’re pretty much covered in depth there. It’ll take a little bit of reading, but a few hours will be well worth it.

  1. This forum is a great place to start your studies! Start with the stickies at the top of the forum. Also, use the search engine here for your questions about steroid use. There are many great books that you can get as well. To get you started, Anabolics 2007 is a great book.

2.Make friends with members here, on other boards, and your gym. Sooner or later you will run into sombody that knows somebody, that knows somebody…

  1. See answer 1 ^^^

  2. See answer 2 ^^^ plus, go to some competetions and search the web.


Thanks for all the input guys! I am not looking to start my 1st cycle until summer to give myself pleeeeenty of time to learn all I can, and the info you all have supplied thus far has been a great start!

For info:

Read all the profiles on 3-5 different steroid sites (,,,… etc)
Read them again, study them and learn them in depth.
Read every article on and mesorx. Read every article on… yes, there.
Read this site’s articles and stickies thoroughly… more than once…
Read chemical muscle enhancement and the most recent “anabolics 200x” books…

this should give you a good idea as to old and new knowledge and allow you to form a good personal opinion of which you believe to be scientifically correct.

After doing that you will have had answer no. 2 as i know that at least one of the sites mentioned can help as well as there being an article on T-Nation that goes into depth on how to order online…

3 will come naturally with the knowledge you glean…

as for getting a coach to turn you pro - aside from having online coaching from one of the hundreds of pro BB’s that offer it - you are not likely to get much of a chance unless you have the genetics and that is clear.
You could try training at the best BB gym in your area… and meeting coaches and competitive BB there… but if you aint got what it takes already then you better have a thick skin IMO.

Good luck… and BTW - it is OK to compete even if the pro ranks are not a reality…


I too started using because I have aspirations of being a pro bodybuilder.

I did research for several years before even contemplating use.

William Llewellyn has a book titled ‘Anabolics’ and I believe he makes a new one every year. It is a GREAT read as you can read up on pretty much every steroid ever made.

This site is where I have gained the bulk of my knowledge. You will quickly learn who knows their stuff and who is a vet here.

Just lurk here and read the threads, read the stickies, and feel free to post up humbly and politely when you have other questions.

I liked reading your story…somewhat motivating. lol

I am also a firm believer in being INCREDIBLY KNOWLEDGABLE when it comes to PED’s. I know of several top amateur guys who don’t know dick about what they are putting in their body’s and just listen to some ‘coach’. I for one would rather be my own ‘drug coach’.

A lot of pro’s who get training from the greats, Milos sarcev, Charles Glass, etc the pro’s go there for drug advice and connects, not necessarily just training. If you are a pro bodybuilder you know how to induce hypertrophy. Many don’t understand HPTA, the body, and the drugs tho. This is where I want to be a mastermind someday.

Good luck in your adventures with bodybuilding and knowledge seeking, I wish you the best. lol

Good post.