how did you learn...

how to do certain lifts? like cleans and snatches…and overhead squats…and and…
i’ve been training for almost a year now and have just now gotten an obsession with learning these…much to the amusement of fellow gym-goers and the horrified chagrin of some trainers…
i can’t really afford much in the way of training or anything so its pretty much frustrating and embarassing.
any good encouraging stories…

Sorry, no story. But I find that CoolColJ’s videos help tremendously in seeing how the power cleans and snatches should be performed. Take a look through the Lair of the Ice Dog forum and you should find his posts really easily since he has new videos up all the time. Good luck.

you will learn as you go bro! You pick stuff up here and there and after while, you will know your body and how it moves. Observe as much as possible other people in the gym.

Might want to check out the thread above this one titled, “Check this site out”…it has a description and video of MANY lifts.

I learned the clean variations from my football coaches.

I taught myself the snatch variations though.

Try this site.

Like anything else, you do it, you feel uncomfortable at first, you keep working it and perfecting it, eventually you feel natural doing it.

wheeee links thanks =)
i’ve been reading and rereading the article in t-mag but its just kind of different to read about then see them and i don’t know anyone i can ask. i’m a little shy to ask the trainers if they can show me a snatch lift or clean…they don’t even teach their clients squats…

freaking no one in my gym does any kind of anything that i want to observe…at least no one that goes at the time that i’m there.
rarely do i even see anyone doing squats in the power rack. which is good because i tend to monopolize it when i’m there.

i guess i just feel dumb and uncoordinated at times…have to start somewhere i suppose.

Luli, just check out the articles here, watch CoolJ’s video’s in the Lair of the Ice Dog Forum, and start with low weights. It should come natural. I’m just now starting to get a good grasp on the lifts, my football coaches never approached any lifting but bench press.

USAW certification workshop.

I learned them off of TV. I recorded the lifts, watched the tape many times then paid attention to the “description” of how to perform the lifts through books, magazines, internet, etc. I then practiced and recorded myself doing the lifts to make sure the form looked right. After all, if you’re coaching yourself you can’t see yourself lifting and without a coach a video camera is about the only way to assess form.

you have to have a coach OR someone who knows llok at you. its not hard to find.


I learned to lift weights by watching a half hour long commercial for Bowflex! I would go to the gym and try to figure out how I could do similar exercizes.

Ok, I didn’t learn any Oly lifts that way!

The first time I did full squats I put on the same weight that I used on the hack squat machine. I went down and never came back up. At least not with the bar on my shoulders. Luckily I had set my cross bars in the squat rack correctly so I could leave it there. I learned by embarrasing myself, I guess.