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How Did You Injure Yourself?

Some of my experience in 8 years of lifting(3years of weightlifting, 5years of bodybuilding):

I hurt my lower back while trying to show off, pulling deadlift with arched back. It healed with time and I am capable of doing all movements now - it still draws attention some times.

My left knee was really painful for a period of time. Might have been the frequent running in the army, but I suspect muscle imbalance. It got better when I started doing leg curls.

Became painful when I was throwing a baseball. Got better when I started doing rotator cuff exercises with my shoulder/chest workouts, also I am doing more reverse flys.

Became painful when I was doing one-arm chin-downs for awhile. I stopped doing one-arm, and my shoulders are painfree again.

Became painful after doing push presses and benchpress. It got better when I adjusted my wrist to more upright position when lifting, and having a firmer grip.

I haven’t had any serious injuries so far, but I’d like to know your injuries, how did you get a herniated disc for example. Was it from bad form?