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How Did You Injure Your Back?

Pulling one handed dead’s. Couldn’t get off the floor for 4 days afterwards.


Strong like ox, smart like tractor.


How’s that grip? What did you lift?

Weak. 335… was literally every weight I owned at the time.

I don’t know man, it’s not Hermann Gorner level, but 335 is pretty solid.

If this is a general question for anyone, I injured my back pretty early on when I first started lifting. Was going for a PR in the 295-300 lbs range, got overly excited. Hit the PR, and pretty much blew out the very last lumbar vertebrae just before the sacrum area. Didn’t herniate it a whole whole lot, but screwed it up enough to where I’m now fully healed but have somewhat permanent sciatica. I’m thankful that’s all I have from it though.