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How Did You Guys Feel After Graduating High School?

I was looking at the school calendar to see the date I’ll probably finish @dagill2 deadlift deluxe program. I’ll be done in May. I graduate in June. The school year is going by so quick it’s already 3rd marking period. It’s pretty frightening I’ll be in college then soon I’ll be working. I don’t even feel like I’ve ever had fun in High School. All I did so far was lift and study. Have you guys felt the same way?

I took care of my oldest brother because he broke his neck when I was in 10th grade. Lots of ass wiping and urine bag emptying.

And did a lot of drugs to escape my shitty reality.

Boo fucking hooo.

I should ad that being an adult is a lot more fun than being a kid anyways. For all kinds of reasons.


That’s probably unlikely. Perhaps you just need perspective but if not, it is within your abilities to have more fun… Just do more fun activities

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Does ‘having fun’ matter to you? If so, there are so many chances in college, you’ll have to try hard not to get sucked in.

I definitely ‘didn’t have fun’ in HS(to the point that my Asian parents were calling me out on it), but the difference is that I preferred/prefer it that way. It really comes down to what you consider ‘fun’
There’s no point in regretting something just because it seems normal if you don’t actually feel like you’re missing out

Idk- I’m technically an adult and get to experience the freedom, but haven’t had to experience the stresses of finances and responsibilities that come with being a real adult

There’s definitely give and take. Can’t be a Peter Pan or too much of a serious adult.

I don’t get to bop around and go on cool bike trips like my buddy that sells weed, but he doesn’t get to build train tracks or make quesedillas with my kiddo.


If you believe Highschool is the pinnacle of life, there’s a small town somewhere for you to relive those days for the rest of your days.

Otherwise get over it. No one owes you a HS experience anymore than a college experience. Go live your life how you want to.


I was burnt out on drugs and alcohol before my senior year. You’re not missing much plus college will offer ample opportunities to get in on what you missed.

I worked and hung out with my family throughout high school. Never really partied, and since I’m still with my first girlfriend, didn’t have crazy experiences with girls. Most of my money went towards supporting my family, and since most of my loved ones are addicts, I was turned off to substance use pretty early.

Don’t regret it at all. It’s over, can’t change it, and I think earning money and spending quality time with family is worth it. So far college is going the same - no biggie. I’m cool with it.

I have friends, but I’m not super social. I like how I spend my time. Live life the way you want to, dude. It’s never gonna be like the movies.


This is not bad per se but if you are leaving out socializing because you actually didn’t socialize, then you can simply start doing so. I believe such a lack can hinder people.

If you feel intimidated by a serious, new experience, that’s understandable. In a sense, you should be. But you’re going to do it anyway, right? That’s part of developing: taking on some things with some risk and apprehension.

How much can one get out of high school besides learning, being tested, maybe some extracurricular activities, and making some friends and connections anyway?

I estimate I went to school with an estimated ~15-20 percent of the population being people I wouldn’t want my children going to school with, which I believe is a considerable chunk capable of making the experience more negative than it should have been. So I hated much of it.

So if you in fact studied thoroughly, tested well, and got fit and muscular, I say you’re ahead of the game! You didn’t mention any negatives.

Nope, lol. I graduated from HS and left for boot camp about two weeks later. HS was a fun time that I enjoyed, but there’s so much more to do afterward.

high school sucks. you didn’t miss out on anything. All the ‘cool’ kids who spent their high school years partying and fucking are a few years away from being 50 lbs overweight, married to their high school sweetheart who has also given up on life, with 2 kids in a shitty little apartment and terrible jobs they hate.

High school is 4 years. Adulthood is decades. You have nothing to worry about.


I went to a hyper competitive (academically and athletically) high school but never really bought in. Smoked weed most days (still do), played baseball and football, maintained a 3.0 gpa and generally did the bare minimum. Went to a out of state, State University for forestry. Program got cut the summer before I arrived so ended up being a civil engineer.

I have old friends that are movers and shakers in business and tech, and others that are recognizable names in pro sports. Don’t really keep in touch with any of them anymore. It’s cool to grow up around that kind of talent and success, but realize by the time you’re 32 you will have spent about as much time out of high school as you did getting to and going through high school. HS means nothing, just another hoop to jump through where you hopefully learned some life skills. It’s pretty easy to come back from serious fuckups in HS, and pretty easy to screw your life up after. Life is a long race.

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Well, I was in the US Army 3 days after my last final, so, no and yes.

Anyone have tips on how to reduce college debt? I’m going to school for construction management. sigh If only my SAT score was higher then that equals more merit scholarships.

Haven’t I given my thoughts on this to you before? If not cool, I can’t remember who I did.

Nah you haven’t I think I asked you before, but you never answered. :frowning:

Probably didn’t think you were serious :wink:

Go to a Jr. College for your first two years, before transferring to a state school that has the program you want.

SAT scores don’t matter at a JC, and a university doesn’t care once you have 2 years of JC credits.

Get a job as a framer, even if it means building residential houses. You will at least learn/understand the sequencing of construction. Do this while attending JC. Take night and weekend classes for first two years. It will be grind, but as someone who grinded at that age and is now almost 30, it’s worth it. Then transfer to a 4 year university in a CM program. Contact the chamber of commerce and ask who the top 5-7 GCs are. If they are a good GC, they’ll be members. Then schedule an interview with someone from their executive team and ask for an internship. Let them know you are interested in this field and are willing to take on an hourly/salary position at $15/hr. (be intuitive with how you bring that up). They’ll make you do bitch work reviewing submittals, writing RFIs, etc. BUT, it will help offset the cost of college and make you very appealing to them/other firms when you get out.

What state are you in?


New Jersey

Then everything I wrote above should apply. If someone did that and reached out to my firm for an internship, I’d give them one. I’d also probably give them a scholarship if they committed to work for me when they got out.

Edit: *graduated not got out. I keep referring to schools as prisons.