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How Did You Find T-Nation?

Guys and Gals,

I was just sitting there at work today. As usual, I was surfing T-Nation rather than “adding value,” whatever the f*ck that means. And I started thinking about how much I have gained from this site and the community. So then I started thinking, “how did I stumble upon this place?” And really, I’m not sure. I believe that I used to get a hardcopy T-Mag with my Netrition.com orders, but I still don’t remember jack about actually getting here. Anyhoo, I’m very thankful. So how did anyone else find T-Nation?

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I too just sit at work and at least a few times a day and get on T-Nation.com and check out the latest stuff. How I found out about Biotest was the T-Mag I got from netrition.com At first I dumped it to the side then one day I picked it up and read the mag over and over again. So much I learn and many mistakes I corrected by reading the mag and going to the website. If it weren’t for T-Nation I would stil be at 150 skinny bastard.

I believe it was on another bodybuilding forum. oh lucky day.

I was trying to get buff cuz of the inspiration of the sydney olympics (okay I wanted to be able to fuck some of the athletes sue me i was like 14 :P) and more then likely searched google for “massive arms” or something. The first thing I read was atmoic dog - the rest, they say, is history.

I found this site two years ago when I was researching TRIBEX for a friend of mine.

It was a few years ago and I was doing a google for “panty diving”.

I use to read MM2000 when TC was Editor, and I’ve kept up with him ever since.

I was speaking with the owner of a supplement shop in the ‘www.testosterone.net’ days. He told me it was the best site for anything regarding BB… He was right.

While searching google for fitness and nutrition information…

A friend of mine told me about this site when he saw that I was getting serious about lifting.

When I first started training a couple years ago I had this awesome trainer and he told me about it.

Then my husband and I noticed an old Testosterone Magazine at our gym and the gym owner told us we could have any we found. We searched through all the huge magazine stacks and found three in total. It was like a treasure hunt! We each read those things cover to cover like a dozen times because we didn’t have a computer back then.

That was the first real reading I did on training and nutrition, and boy am I thankful for that!

I was in a bulking phase and did a search on Dave Tate and Westside when I found this site in the fall of '02.

A couple weeks after that I tore my ACL in a pickup football game, I leaned heavily on the website after that injury and have been a part of it ever since.


I was on the Charles Atlas forum (seriously) and they got all righteously indignant, saying that R-Mag said that CA trained with weights, etc. etc. So I checked it out, and got hooked.

My brother-in-law had T-Mag hard copies laying around his house. These things blew M&F out of the water, and I was intrigued. That was 2 years ago, and I’m still just as intrigued.

I found the nation in 1999 after googling wightlifting and shoulder rehab.


Looking up info on charles poliquin in a search engine and came across this site. His stuff is in the archives in like 98.

Found a link to the website in T-Mag.

I’ll jump in here too. I found T-Mag after doing a Yahoo search for TC and Poliquin. I was missing the old Muscle Media 2000 days. T-mag.com popped up in the search, probably issue two or three. Heaven. Fifty-something issues later I was working for them. Heaven with beer.

Flipping through a * glup * Muscle & Fitness while laying a hospital bed.

I wish I was kidding about both parts, but hey, stumbling upon this place was certainly the best thing that could have happened.

I live in Salt Lake City but stumbled across T-Mag on a grocery store newsstand in the tiny town of Penn Yan, NY. I flipped through the pages and liked what I saw. I wasn’t really into lifting at the time. Two years later I got involved with Charles Staley and all he talked about was Grow! So I bought some, found T-Nation, and have spent many hours at work reading articles ever since.