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How Did You Find T-Nation?


How did everyone here find T-Nation?? I'm curious to know how all these different people came accross this site.

Back when I was sick of being a whopping 130lb boxer, I was tired of lifting twice a day every day and boxing and not beign able to gain a pound. I started looking into legal anabolic supplements that could help me out. I came across SDI Labs "Legal Steroids" and was trying to figure out if the CRAP they were selling was legit.

I came across a T-NATION article that was written by one of the contributors, don't remember who, but they were saying what a load of horse shit SDI Labs were and what a scam they were. After reading that article I thought T-NATION was fkn awesome and started reading more and more of the articles here.
How did you guys find this place?


google search.

fun story eh?


LONG LONG time ago. I think it might have been the Defranco article on Best exercises for your Vertical Jump. I never joined as a member, though.

Back then regulars on here were cornier. I swear the bullshitting on this site only gets funnier and funnier as time goes by.


Men's Health led me to Chad Waterbury, who then led me to this site that, for the most part, now despises both, haha.


Someone sent me a pic of a chick with a phat booty and it was attached to this site.


Googling "buff guys" or "hawt abs" for fap material and came across this site, no doubt!


i can bleeeeeve that.


Muscle media 2000 and followed TC. course was off for a few years and forgot my login/password.


i woke up in a sleazy hotel a hundred miles from the bar i was at the night before, naked and clammy with sweat. across the room from where I lay was an aging overstuffed chair with padding hanging from its bottom.

On that chair was a hat, and within that hat was a scrap of paper that said, "if you ever want to see her again, achieve a level 4 rank on T-Nation".

I covered my junk with the hat and walked outside to hail a cab.

The rest is history.


Yahoo Answers.




Almost 2000 posts and you're still a level 1. I'm thinking you're never gunna see her again. lol



Wormwood delivers again.



oh yeah they never told who "she" was. i made a couple phone calls when i got home and it turns out every woman of importance in my life is fine.

yeah i'm pretty sure they have the wrong guy. sucks for that missing chick though.


FUCK! This is like forgetting where you first met your girl friend. I probably met TMuscle by chance. No idea how or where. I know I lurked for a long time. Forgot my login like DJHT. Started getting sucked in slowly. Dont go a day without you guys now.


Are you SURE the note didn't read, "make everyone on T-Nation wear a gay hat like you and you may see her again"? :wink:


And it suck for the dude missing his ghey hat.

I was on a fitness site that was pretty worthless minus a few members that actually did anything. One of them led me to this site in 2005 but I just lurked for a while before signing up.

Then I found 5 dollars


i got a note saying left money on locker took ky with me from AC...damn sting ring dunno how i got it.


I'm pretty sure I googled sexy fitness chicks and one of the images was from here.