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How Did You Find T-Nation?


I was surfing through a goalie forum and there was a fitness thread, somebody had posted a link to an article on this website. I surfed through it and instantly fell in love. Great format, great discussions Unreal place!!! I've been hooked ever since, so how did you guys discover this great website?


I think that’s the way a lot of folks find it, article posted somewhere else and then realize the quality here is just a whole lot better.


My trainer


I had read a couple articles before just by following links of other fitness web sites but one of guys I used to play basketball with told my to go to T-Nation site and read everything. I fell in love after that


I was dieting for a competition in 2003 and one of the guys I knew at uni told me about an article on how to dial in the last 10 days of your diet.

This was back in the good old days of T-Mag.com.

I worked at the university gym and spent a good part of my working day trawling through the articles. Happy days.


Mens Fitness.

A LOT of the writers here have been featured there.


I believe I had googled “testosterone”.


I was a member of wannabebig.com and heard people talking about “the other site”, no one would name it so I started researching this “other site” and found it, so glad I did.


I was studying Jiu-Jitsu and was asking around about books on weight training. I was directed to one of Fred Hatfield’s books. Through Fred Hatfield I discovered Charles Staley. Through Charles Staley I discovered Alwyn Cosgrove. Through AC I discovered T-Nation. It was all over after that. Now I can’t stop mining every piece of information from this site.


I just googled up some hot chicks name and found this site lol
-I joined it though because I was into working out and wanting more info to benefit myself on getting bigger


A friend of mine at my gym came up to me to talk training shop. He asked me if I new about Testosterone Nation, and I said no. He briefly told me about it, I noticed that he recently had dropped maybe 20 lbs of fat, and he was already lean to start with. He had an impressive physique and I thought if he was getting some new information on this website maybe it’s worth checking out.


A buddy of mine sent me a link to the Ass Worship thread a few years back and it went from there.


my then-girlfriend at the time told me to read the articles and start lifting if i ever wanted to get another blowjob


Was looking for some threads on lifting music, and found about 300.


Googled bodybuilding


I was looking for articles on how to increase my bench press and stumbled upon a Dave Tate article about getting up to a six hundred pound bench or something. I also saw a lot of hot figure atheltes and instantly fell in love. I read every article I found for months straight and finally joined the forum. It’s been a good two years here.


a trainer that i went to a while back told me to check out T-Nation.com and read all that i could. i think i read every article possible in the next 2-3 days.


Every now and then I see guys at my gym who wear Biotest shirts or shirts with the T-Nation logo on it, kinda makes me glad to know that there are others near me who like this place.


One day, after a particularly grueling set of squats, I was feeling… enraged. Testosterone flowed through my body. Sweat poured down my face. My muscles, it felt, resonated with the earth and sky.

Deep inside me, in the most primitive, basal parts of the essence of all that I am, I knew that I would aspire to more. Just as Michelangelo would live forever on in the name of art, or Plato would live on forever in the name of philosophy, I would live on forever in the name of strength and discipline.

My mind a haze, I wandered the earth. I do not know for how long. What felt like mere seconds to me may have been days. I passed through a river. I traversed many plains. I climbed a mountain. It did not matter. My travels were being led by a mysterious, invisible drive that I cannot name to this day.

After what may have been weeks, the object of my wandering appeared before me. Upon a bed of moss and stone, a grove of ancient timber rose, far taller than I. As if constructed by man, the trees formed a circle around me. Whether I entered the grove or the grove moved and surrounded me, it does not matter. It was fate. I knew then what I had to do.

“GODS, HEAR MY CALL!” I cried out, my lungs splitting the air with blood and vengeance. “I DEMAND OF YOU, UPON THIS EARTH, DELIVER ME THE ESSENCE OF ALL KNOWLEDGE WHICH I DESIRE!”

The ground rumbled. Behind me, a tree collapsed, as an enormous, dark figure approached. Rearing up on its hind legs, the beast revealed itself: the gods have challenged me to a fight to the death against a 1200 pound grizzly bear.

With a low, guttural growl, the beast charged. I had little time to react. As the bear neared me, I rolled to the side, kicking it in the head as it passed. Rearing up again, the bear attempted to lunge forward and crush me under it’s weight. Again dodging, I narrowly kept my alive, but I did not know how long I could manage. As the bear moved away to charge again, I noticed a glinting in the dirt below me. My salvation, perhaps? I had little time. I reached for the buried object. It did not budge. Again I pulled, and again the ground was not lenient with me. Seeing the bear line up it’s mark, I pulled again, with greater force than I have ever given. My efforts were rewarded, as the object moved. I surfaced what appeared to be the hilt of a small blade. However, the object became lodged. It mattered not; the bear charged again.

I looked to my left, and I looked to my right. Open ground. The bear knew my tactics, and it would not miss its mark again. I had no choice but to tempt death closer than I ever had. The bear was a mere ten feet from me, charging forward faster than any man could run. I leaped. Stepping upon the bear’s head and running across its back, the bear, disoriented, lost its footing and crashed into the ground, driving itself into the lodged blade. It seems that the beast gored its eye on the hilt, for it let out a tremulous roar, but not a roar celebrating its hunt. It was a roar of anger and agony. I turned, realizing what had happened. As the bear stumbled away, dazed, I saw that he had dislodged the blade with his attack. Reaching for it, I pried it from the ground and turned about, seeing now that the bear’s previous fury paled before his new found hatred for me. The bear stood again to swipe at me, but I was too fast. Lunging in to deliver a blow to the bear, I drew my blade across the bear’s gut. Time had treated the blade with respect, as it was as sharp as any blacksmith could make it. The bear collapsed and clenched its own gut, defeated.

Despite its death throes, I knew to claim my victory, as my challenge would not be complete until I did. I delivered a fatal blow to the beasts spine and severed its head, lifting it high for the gods to see that I had mastered their challenge.

The earth was silent. Only a small breeze rustled the air around me as I held my trophy triumphantly. The gods did not answer their victor.

It turns out I walked in a huge circle, because my house was like, 50 feet away from me. I walked in, took a shower, and googled “weight lifting” and T-Nation popped up.

Unfortunately, the neighbors saw the whole thing, and the cops showed up like five minutes later. The bear was a trained bear that escaped from the zoo, and wanted to just cuddle with me. Also, the blade was a kitchen knife that some dude used to stab a hooker which he buried knife and all like four years ago. Hell, the reason it was so hard to get out is because it was still stuck in her rib cage.

My animal cruelty charges ended up in a fine of $2,500 and 200 hours of community service, and the hearing for my tampering of evidence charge comes up on the 16th. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.


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