How did you discover T-Mag?

I was wondering how everyone else found T-Mag.

I remember years ago a friend of mind who worked at a supp. store with me (before we carried Biotest) was learning a lot about steroids and reading a lot from King and Poloquin at T-Mag. He passed it on to me and sooner or later I began visiting every Friday. Now I check this forum a few times a day to see what all you fine folks are up to.

I’m sure most people heard through word of mouth, but perhaps some saw an add, did a search, or have a more odd story.

Several years ago a friend told me about it. I used to read Muscle Media before it went mainstream. After the change I was complaining to a friend that there wasn’t any quality info out there and he said I should look up Testosterone magazine on the net. At the time I didn’t have a computer. Shortly after learning about the site (before getting a PC) I stopped training so I didn’t look it up until fairly recently. I am glad I remembered his advice!

A search on Poliquin after his MM2K material stopped.

gnc put out a mag, and in the back there was a list of links and testosterone was one of them. that was like mid 2000. i’m on pretty much daily now

My buddy emailed me Chris Shugart’s Big Woof: “How to Get Laid the Testosterone Way.” I laughed, I cried, I learned about life – and then I read the other stuff, and was hooked.

A search for Dave Tate then another search for Westside Barbell led me to this site, been on for almost a year and check it daily.

I saw an ad in a magazine. When I saw “T-Man” I thought “Well this is too advanced for me” crappy attitude, I know. But later I said what the hell and checked it out. Turns out that it’s actually for real people, not just super-juiced freaks

Best thing I ever did for my physique goals. Now I tell everyone about it.


Like brad said, searching for dave tate for westside. Checking it every day now.

search “iron”

Funny thing is I think I remember running across Tmag waaaayy back when I was a baby lifter, still not working my legs at all “because I do so much cardio I don’t need to lift weights for my legs” and thinking it was ridiculously hardcore…
So much for! :wink:

The Elfling

My dad powerlifts and he had a stack of old lifting mags. One of them happened to be the first print T-mag. I picked it up and the rest is history. Still have it to this day.

Was on the menshealth forum a few years ago and someone mentioned a program from Went to checked the site out it out and it scared the hell out of me, clicked off it as fast as I could.

Damn body building freaks will read just about anything!

But it kept calling me back and I wanted to peek at the darkside so I kept reading and reading and reading and…

I found a copy of one of the old Testosterone print mags articles laying around my gym. I snaged it thinking it was some hardcore juicer mag. I laughed at the mag10 article. I’m not laughing anymore though!

I was reading the Charles Atlas BBS (yeah, I know), and they were outraged about some supposedly nasty comment TC made about CA. So I decided to see for myself, and got hooked.

I had received a shipment of supplements from an online company and in my shipment they included a copy of T-Mag. I read it front to back a dozen times. I needed more T-Mag so I got to a computer and read just about all the previous issues. I learned more in one month than I had in my 4 years of training. I visit the website a few times a day. Thank you T-Mag!

Was searching for Poliquin articles and got the luck to be there at the very start (issue 1).

There`s simply no other website that can match this one on BB info. Period.

I was lucky, i went to a Charles Poliquin Seminar in 1998 here in Vancouver and he was mentioning it BEFORE he left Muscle Media, so I was one of the lucky few that was on board right away, Issue #3 if i remember correctly…

It was back in high school in the backseat of my car…wait, what was the question again?

It was actually kind of weird. A long time ago I did a search for Porter Freeman. The guy that won part of the EAS transformation challenge the first year that it was run. I ended up on this personal site of somebody in the challenge that made great progress but switched over to biotest products and t-mag. I guess I found it by mistake, but, hell, I am sure glad I did.
In faith,

I had the same exact experience as Savage13. I’be been reading t-mag for about a year now and I am on the site every day.

I searched for a weight gain diet back when I was a freshman in high school(5 years ago)and found the Get Big Diet… ever since then I read basically everyweek.