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How Did this Person get Elected



She's absolutely right.

And everything the Constitution did not cover, the Federal Government should not do.


Beats me. Pelosi got elected, and she is perhaps the stupidest person alive.


People seem to forget that a Constitution is a limit on the powers of the Federal government.


Yeah, they're good like that. you see if they follow the dictates of the constitution, they are not needed. Liberals are like Twitter. Totally unnecessary except for some very extreme circumstances that I can't think of right now.


That's where you're wrong ... Twitter is never needed


There are counties that do not do those things; Afghanistan and Somalia are two I can think of, why the free market isnâ??t flourishing there


Not sure I know which state Afghanistan County and Somalia County are in. Mississippi, maybe?


Mississippi the country?


What are you talking about?


Forgot the (R)in Countries . I hope that helps :slight_smile:


It does, Pittbull. It does indeed! Thanks! :slightly_smiling:


...She didn't say this until she was already elected? People like to think this way? People hate freedom?


Because their are lots of lazy people in the country who sit on their asses watching American Idol who get suckerd into voting for change.If you keep the masses uneducated and distracted and then tell them you'll give them more freebees you get elected.


So you're for socializing higher education?


Heck no!! As a matter of fact the more government has gotten involved with higher education the higher the price goes. Back in the day a person could work their ass off during the summer, save their money and be able to go to school with a part time job, These days you absolutely HAVE to get loans unless you're rich and on top of that the cost of your education may leave you up to your eyeballs in student loans. IMO the more the governmentgets involved in anything the more ass backwards it gets. OMG don't even get he started education in the inner cities!!!