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How Did Sex Change for You after TRT?

What was sex like before TRT?

What was sex like after TRT?

Did your partners notice a difference?

Did TRT change the type of sex you’re into?

Now sometimes I Jab something into my ass and not just someone else’s. I like to think I’m dishing out a lot more than 23g 1” though.


Hmm, interesting, anyone else?

May I ask why you are wanting to know?

Are you unhappy sexually and hoping TRT fixes things?

Or have you recently started TRT and now all of a sudden joined a bdsm club and have a DOM and trying to figure out how you got here?

Just trying to understand the effects of TRT better, that’s all.

Well I’ll give you my experiences then.

Since starting TRT my anxiety is much better, I can finally make some progress in the gym if I eat decent and train hard.

Nothing more, nothing less. It was kind of a let down as I had read and bought into the idea that TRT was going to turn me into Superman and it was gonna be life changing. It wasn’t.

All sexual preferences have remained the same.
If I never told my partner(s) I was on TRT and hid it from them, they would not notice a difference. The only thing that is noticed is increase in muscle mass.

Tricky one but it all comes down to proper E2 management, once you got that dialed in you´ll be great





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The only thing I’ve noticed in regards to sex, is a slight uptick in libido. I share a bit of the same experience as @wanna_be. For sure, the body has changed (I am leaner and more muscular), but as far as mental stuff (including libido), it is only a slight change. I still hate getting out of bed in the morning, and still have focus issues. I was expecting TRT to turn me into superman as well, and that has been a let down. Perhaps I should have taken people’s reports with a grain of salt.

Good, always was a pervy wanker.

Libido way up on most dosages I’ve tried.
Delayed Ejaculation on most dosages.
Random ED based on dosage.
Orgasms are a little better, but loads are WAY less and a weird consistency.
Balls went small as shit.

Absolutely. Can’t hide any of the above.
Since I didn’t have ED prior, randomly pushing rope at times is noticeable.
Also pounding her for an insanely long time from the DE is a problem. Sounds like it wouldn’t be, but it is.
She makes fun of my shrunken balls sometimes.

Nah, just more of a wanker more often.

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Hope that helps

It’s a major sex hormone. If some right sex will be better simply because you have more drive. Not a hard question to answer.

Your body naturally produces high amounts of T when we are most sexually active. Of course it’ll get better as you get on TRT. There are a rare few who seem to never get better. Majority do.

Prior to trt libido was 8.5/10. On trt libido is 9.5/10. Sex didn’t change much at all. The participants changed frequently, but the actual process remained the same.

For most, proper E management means not worrying about it.

For me it does, the thing is there are several users coplaining about ED despite the rest of hormonal panel being normal, the only thing out of place is E2 and hence prolactin rather often, fixing that should fix everything else or at least trying it
Or maybe you are just repeating what more “experienced” here members say, i mean i already tryed it for a whole year and here i am saying i´m feeling great after getting back on it, to the point of almost getting Pseudogyno surgery.

I am experienced, and E really has no bearing on how things function. Im not repeating anything, just letting you and the OP know that sex is as normal as it always was, prolly better in some ways, in my experience. You mention E as if everyone requires E management and this is far from correct. Other than that most of us dont require an AI. Thats all.

When I stopped worrying about e2 , everything got better. Just be sure to be on a reasonable dose.

I was horny before trt. During the crash nothing worked. After trt a bit hornier then before trt.
Am 44


Well… I’ve always found that strength guys are more intense when on TRT not that I’m complaining though :joy: