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How Did Low Estrogen Make You Feel? Feedback Please

Hi guys

My labs as per below

Oestradiol 46 LOW (99-192pmol/L)
Testosterone 13.3 (9.9-27.8pmol/L)

I took propecia for 5 years and now I have

Ed (no morning wood, soft erections, no libido)
Brain fog and everything that comes with that

The worst I have is a fatigue that is leaving me bedridden, my muscles feel so week and achey and its an effort to even raise my arms above my head. I am unable to go to the gym or play any sport

Now my Endo is pushing that I have CFS, I am pushing for TRT and hoping all the above I am experiencing because of Low E and Low T

Please tell me how Low E made you feel so I can align that with my symptons

Thanks in advance

I know that many with very low estrogen loose energy, mood and libido.

Please maintain your prior thread.

My E2 dropped to 5 at one point when I was on Femara. My Achilles’ tendons killed me, could barely walk and elbow and knees were stiff and I just felt like shit! It Stays around 20 now with .25 arimidex twice weekly.