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How Did I End Up Here?

Am I really 36? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Ok, so after doing nothing but running (distance runs, 5-10 miles) for the past 5 years, I am giving that shit up to concentrate on lifting. Primed to make the big gainz.

My older guy, beginner-ish workouts are as follows: (i’m going on my third week this week)

Monday, Squats + accessory arm work. Doing heavy low rep ascension with lots of steps, so I might do doubles of 135, 145, 155, 165, 175 etc… all the way until I hit my two rep max, then I will de-load and volume down stripping twice as much off and going until almost failure, then dropping another 20 all the way down or until I cry.

I super set the squats with arm work, like dumbell curls or something, I’m just doing pretty light wights for volume on those, no real set or rep scheme, just as many as I can get into a 30 second window. 90 seconds rest in between each set (squat - 90 second rest, curl, 90 second rest, squat, etc… )

Wednesday is bench press, same methodology, I haven’t thought of what I would like to superset with so for now I have just been doing 30 seconds of medium paced jump rope. Suggestions are welcome.

Friday is deadlift, same format, superset is cable pulldowns (bowflex) until I get stronger and get a chin bar, then I’ll superset with chins.

one weekday morning I go to the track and do sprints. Nothing fancy, just 100M sprint 100M walk 100M sprint 100M walk, etc… will add # of sprints as I get better. 4 killed me this week, i’ll shoot for 5 next week.

Last summer I was 173# for my big 15K road race. My wife got preggers and I ate the shit out of some pregnancy food with her. I’m at 204 today (got up to 209) and tried getting back to running this spring. After 2 agonizingly painful 3 mile runs, my wife said, “why don’t you just stay bigger and lift weights or something, I don’t like you skinny anyways”

Dietary wise, I’m eating Paleo-ish, I’m also intermittent fasting during the week. Almost all of my food is on the free range, pastured, organic side of things. I have also been doing a couple tweaks to help boost my natural T production, because I think 5 years of running put it into the dumpster. Sleeping more, wearing boxers instead of briefs, getting more good fats in the diet (hello raw eggs). I’m only using non-scientific methods to determine my T-boosting results, and yes, my morning wood is more frequent and takes a lot longer to go away.

So there we have it folks. I remember I used to chuckle at this forum back in the day. Friggin old people.


I’ll post updates from time to time here. If anyone has any feedback or thoughts I’d love to hear them.

This is week 4 for me, and so far, the above plan seems to be working very well. I have dont this whole “starting to lift again” thing many times over the years and every time in the past it has ended in lack of motivation, excessive soreness and an overall feeling of being weak pathetic and seeing little to no improvement before I just move back to life as usual and say, well this lifting thing though it interests me, just isn’t right for me right now.

3 weeks into this regimen and I can say I have none of the above. I haven’t been sore once, my numbers on the bar are already going up and I “feel” stronger and tighter already. Two weeks ago on deadlift I was trying for a 275 double as my top point and I failed to even get one rep. last week I crushed 3 reps at 275 and if I had more plates in my garage felt like I could have gone more. I literally have owned this weight set for something like 15 years and this is the first time I’m like, shit, I need to go buy some more plates.

My first week of squats I only went to just below parallel, two weeks ago I went ATG on the lighter sets but as the weight increased I reverted back, to just below parallel because I just didn’t feel like I would get out of the hole, last week I did the same but it just felt bad only going just below parallel so this week I just focused on going ATG the whole time so I started light at 135 and ended up getting all the way to 205 ATG for a triple. I actually probably could have gone one or two more 10lb steps but my workout was getting close to my 30 minute mark and I still had to get in my drop sets. But the takeaway is I felt great in the whole, like my core strength is what I feel like has improved down there.

Another nice thing is that I look forward to going out and getting my session in. Even on squat day. In the past I only wanted the results and wasn’t actually enjoying my time in the gym. I have no idea if it’s the routine, or i’m just a different person, but I’m really looking forward to my 30 minutes in the gym, 3 days a week.

Another observation is that I am trimming out a bit but maintaining my weight, which is exactly what I was hoping to do. I’m still at about 203 but I’m definitely seeing more definition. Anyways, everything is going really good so I thought I would share.


Bench session this AM, stepped up using triples from 125 to 175. Only managed 2 reps on the 175. As a reference, 2 weeks ago I was doing doubles as my step up and only managed a single at 145, so while yes I am a weak bastard, at least that is some pretty good progress in only a few weeks.

Strip sets as usual, I think I did 5 strip sets, got 6-8 reps on each one with only rest dropping more plates off the bar.


Wife started back on night shifts this past week and with a 3 month old, this has thrown a monkey wrench into my normally scheduled programming. I guess poor foresight on my part but so far I have still gotten in “some” appropriate workouts this week. We are going to move the weight room from my back barn into the attached garage, this way we can be out there working out with the baby monitor on and the baby napping rather than having to drag her out back. Should give me more flexibility to get the workouts done close to the same time each week.

Also, Am I this boring as an adult? no responses? no feedback? no snotty comments? no trolls? I need a pulse in here guys!

Maybe everybody is too old to comment?

Eat a dick, you butt sniffing turd muncher!

Sorry it was the best I could come up with on short notice.

I sympathize with the disruption of new babies. I had five. Not all at once mind you… just two at a time… well one of them was by himself…


Throw down some training logs. We love picking those apart.


Find this amusing considering some of the old bad asses who have posted in here.

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Yep. There were, and are, some seriously strong lifters on this forum. (I am not one of them, unfortunately.)

Maybe your not the strongest at this moment @EyeDentist … but one of the better built with a good amount of knowledge. Like I said I just found the post amusing. If thats the general attitude of most of the people whom come on this site , id say allot of newbies are missing out on allot of knowledge and experience. Just because they see the term over 35 lifter…

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