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How Deal with Low Blood Sugar Symptoms on 500mg of Sustanon?

im taking 500mg of sustanon per week ( week 5 in ) im feeling low blood sugar symptoms from past 6 months and today i checked my glocuse level on glucometer machine in morning on empty stomach (28mg/DL) this is too low , does it from taking testosterone or what and how to deal with it ? im feeling weak even on 500 mg sustanon pharma grade per week

If it’s been 6 months that you’ve been having symptoms and only 5 weeks on the Sustanon then the gear it’s probably aggravating it not causing it. Is there anything you started taking 6 months ago that could contribute? Hyperinsulinemia is usually caused by glucose intolerance, high fat diet/dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 Diabetes. It can be managed with low glycemic carbs and supplementing cinnamon. Chromium picolinate is usually effective as well in maintaining even keeled blood sugars.
In someone who lifts heavy it could be the result of limiting carbs too much, too many simple carbs, something you’re taking is dropping your blood sugars. I don’t think it’s the sustanon. My husband had an issue with this (to the point he’d almost black out) and I gave him chromium plus fixed his carbs to low glycemic sources and it stopped.

im eating daily 500gram of (raw )white rice daily and even some days i eat more ( 400 to 500 grams of carb daily )

If your waking up with a glucose of 28. I be curious what you are threw out the day. To be honest I would be on the phone with your primary doctor 28 is in the “ altered mental status range” or not being able to wake up and eat range… I would keepsome orange juice on hand for emergencies