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How Dangerous Can This Be? I'm Having Issues


I started 6 weeks ago and was doing good
200 then 400 biweekly then I asked if I could just do 200 weekly to balance it out and I started feeling like shit , no drive, tired and felt depressed so dr ran test and my E levels are at 64 (20-40 is the norm I was told) when I went in for Test the dr gave me another 200 to make it 400 total that day and 2 hours later I felt great (this was Monday) great up until I ate BBQ chicken and baked beans tonight then 15 min later I felt short of breath, light headed and hot flashes back of neck… my dr also got E results today and started me on 1x week E blocker pill as of an hour a go…I emailed dr and told him about tonight’s sypthoms and he responded saying I need to go on veggie diet for one week, see a cardiologist and if sypthoms come back go to ER and to follow up w him Monday … can anyone tell me what is going on? Has anyone experienced same sypthoms or height E levels?? Please help


Your doctor sounds like he is throwing darts into the dark…and he has hit you in the nuts, literally.

200mg per week should have been the protocol (although still not ideal) and been stuck with a lot longer than 6 weeks. I assume you are running Test E or C? which have half lives of 4-5ish days.

Which means you take that 400 on monday and by saturday you have less than 200. By day 10 you will have less than 100 and should be feeling worse than before TRT started.

Here’s why:

Spiking your levels causes the body to aromatize excess test into estrogen which is fine as long as the T to E ratio stays consistent and heavily in the favor of T.

That spike in T also probably at the very least slowed your natural production of T (which was slowed to begin with hence the TRT).

Now you have elevated E levels with out the added Test to balance the ratio. Before TRT you just had low T levels. Congrats your hormone sex change has been completed.

200mg per week would have limited these highs and lows for the most part but by day 6 and 7 you still would be feeling a little low.

A better protocol on even less test would be 100mg every 4th day.

The more often you inject the more steady your levels will be and the happier you will feel and the easier time your body will have adjusting to the new hormone levels.

I am new to this but I have found I can cycle up, down and around as long as I dont spike my levels with no need for armidex or other AIs. I am not special, first cycle I front loaded and the spike made my E levels go crazy. Go slow homie.


Whatah mess… 400mg is too much for TRT… I do use 350mg test for competing! This fucking Dr. protocols are stupid… U need to do more injections, I’d do 3x per week with 50mg, total 150mg/ w for TRT. If it’s real test, It would do the job for anyone, no way man… control your E2, E1, Exxxx levels with some Anastrozole, Examestane, etc… make your choice and ajust the dose. Stop this mess… keep it for a while till your body feel it and start to like it… some guys are more sensitive, feel anything and start to go crazy… uiiiiui


Ok thank u! The test I’m on is Cypionate


I’m 6’2 290 if that matters… but his normal protocol is 200 every other week but he said I was big guy so I could take 400 so then I asked if I could just do 200 weekly instead and then it started


They need to employ a panel of competing body builders to write them text books. It wouldn’t be perfect but it would be a huge jump start down the path of informed steroid usage.


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That would be the worst outcome. You should read those stickies too.