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How Cool is Your Gym?


So, I am now training specifically for Olympic Lifts.


And although I have a coach/club to train at 1day/week, I need to do my supplemental workouts at my local Golds Gym.

I am VERY lucky to have a gym that:
- Has bumper plates (Olympic weights)
- allows chalk
- the have chains/bands
- they have safety bars/cambered bars
- and is cool in general about lifting heavy

(I have been to the other Golds in my area, and they all suck - standard commercial gyms)

So I walk in this morning and tell the owner that I have a Olympic weight training coach, and is it "cool" to drop the weights from overhead...like you see all the time.

I had never done it, usually catching it on the way down....risking injury.

He said, "sure, as long as it's in control, no problem. Just make sure you use the Olympic weight collars"

I asked which ones were those....he said they were in the back, he bought them months ago, but forgot to put them out. He grabbed them from the back, gave them to me, and said good luck with your training.

I love my gym....as long as it's in the early morning. I am sure I would feel different if I went in the evening.


Thats really cool that you found a place like that. The owner sounds like a real nice guy too.


My gym gas the best lookin' babes. There's no mingers. BLESS the boss.


My gym is the coolest of all. Katrina blew the walls out and tore most of the ceiling off. It now has a nice breeze throughout the day.

p.s. both locations.


That sucks so bad...I can't even imagine the world you are living in right now.

But if you want to look at the bright side....imagine the GPP you are getting with clean up. (don't take that too bad)


Don't worry about me, I haven't cleaned up shit.


My gym sucks a fatty... Its only got 1 squat rack, and its usually used for curling.

It bites.


Atleast your gym has a squat rack!!



2 power(squat racks)

tons of flat benches

allows chalk

has cd stereo...I bring in whatever music I want.

I'm usually the only one there.

We have our own keys, 24/7

only 25 bucks a month.

has bumper plates.

Not so many good looking chicks but there are a few, like 4.


My gym is in a 100 year old shoe factory and I'm on the 4th floor! I have kegs and sandbags up there as well as racks for all the "good stuff". We drag a sled up and down a 200 foot hallway with old maple floors and I'm SURE the place is haunted!

When I need to bring my heavy stuff up or down I take the elevator... you make it move my yanking a steel cable in the wall.

We use the strongman stuff outside in the parking lot when the weather permits.

The clients that enjoy it most are the women! You'd think they'd be more at home in a spa... not these women!

In fact, one is paying me to make a sled to pull at home with all the attachments! She's gonna bring it on vacation with her. The funniest part is not only does she love squatting and tire-flipping, she's a 47 year-old international opera singer!


My gym is cool as shit. I've been knowing the owners since they opened it in 84 when my parents joined. Now I kinds feel like it's part mine. I have free reign of it and the members are great people.


Where is this place? Heaven?


Derek and StrongMan, where are you in Mass?
That Gold's sounds like da shit!

I'm on the South Shore, am a member of a WOW and the coolest thing about it is that it has every Hammer Strength machine imagineable. It's big enough to have a roller hockey tournament in as well as no-net batting practice, but the management has told me that those activities are not going to happen. I would ask them to get bumper plates and a platform, but they wouldn't know what those things are.


I work out in one of those closet gyms in NYC. One squat rack usually reserved for curls. One big fatso trainer and one super ripped skinny trainer. About one hundred metrosexual "skinny-fat" cardio guys and a couple of decent chicks.

Actually got some help from T-Nation guys in finding a good gym. It's more expensive but worth it in the long haul. Just have to use up my prepaid membership at this other shithole first...


6 Olympic platforms
2 "1 and a half" Power Racks
2 Squat Racks
6 Benches
2 Power Squat Machines
1 Reverse Back Raise
1 Chest Supported Row
2 Cable Stations
2 Full sets of dumbells going over 100#

Only cardio equipment is 2 exercise bikes.

Being a varsity athlete at a school where the strength coach is hardcore Westside is freaking sweet.


Actually this little known place called Pueblo, CO.


My gym is pretty good. Its a personal training/sport specific studio. There are 3 trainers there, including myself. Regualtions to work there you have to have a certification through the NSCA or ACSM. The two other trainers are really good friends of mine and have been since before we started working together. We have 24 hour access to:

Squat Rack
Bench Press (from the Carolina Panthers weight room)
Incline and Decline Bench
Shoulder Rack
Adjustable Benchs
Rack of dumbbells over 100
5 olympic bars
Strive Machines
Cable Crossover
Running Sled
Spring lanes
Treadmill, elipitcal, bike, stepper
Stability balls
Medicine Balls
and my favorite XM Radio and CD player

From 6am-9pm we usually train clients with some breaks thoughout the day to workout with no distractions.


Mine kicks ass. I can:

listen to any music I want

do any type of lift I can conceive of

lift any time of the day or night

lift nekkid if I choose

none of the equipment is ever being used by someone else

Of course, I lift in my living room... but after having a home gym I'd never go back to a commercial one.


How cool is my gym?

Not very.


No way HvRv, my gym definately has the best babes. They even dress as little santas.. how can you possibly compete with that?




Seriously, we have a quite decent cellar with enough squat racks and weights for everyone. Great stereo too, and access 24-7.