How Cool is Battlestar Galactica?

So I haven’t been watching a lot of TV lately. Mainly because I am busy with work, then the gym, then either reffing basketball or playing basketball and by the time I get home it’s already 10 and time for me to hit the hay. However, I had heard of the show Battlestar Galactica and kind of disregarded it to be a geeky cult sci fi show.

After constant urging from my geeky friend, I decided to give 1 episode a shot. If I liked it, I would have to buy him a bottle of Sambuca. If I didn’t, then he would have to buy me one. Well, it looks like I am going to be buying him a bottle of Sambuca.

Seriously, how cool is this show? If you started watching it in the second season, you won’t get it, so you need to start from the beginning. Granted, the first episode is a mini series in itself and is about 3 hours long, but it is worth it. I don’t know what it is about it but I guess I would have to say the mixture of sci-fi as well as some politics.

I am not big on politics but this show has me a little interested to see what they will be doing in future episodes. Anything you wish to add?

They film that show around where I live. The black guys wife in real life is ridiculously good looking and from what I’ve heard actually a pretty down to earth person.

I don’t like the new series, I am a huge fan of the original back in the 80’s. I have the whole series on DVD and I think it’s way better than today’s version.

I liked the new version, but the final episode gave such cheap “answers” to various things – actually the same answer for all of them – that to me it hurt the show quite a bit.

One or two things did get good and satisfying explanations. But too many did not.

Can’t say more without being a spoiler for those not having seen it.

I liked the show alot. Which is prob why i was let down by the ending, It was okay but I would have perferred something else. Btw the first episode the prequel series “Caprica” is out. Not sure how I feel about it yet. We’ll see how it pans out. Also i think “The plan” tv-movie is coming out this fall. So if you haven’t seen BSG, you could watch the show leading up to new stuff this fall.

…i liked BSG, but it was drawn out a little and many loose ends. The end however was satisfactory, altough perhaps an easy way out…

…now Caprica on the other hand, that first feature lenght episode rocked. I don’t know if that can spend that kind of money on each episode or are able to maintain an encompassing story arc that is compelling, but whatever: Caprica promises to be a must-see for me…