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How Common is Baldness Exactly?

i want to hop on cycle but this is my biggest fear.

i’m 23 and i don’t have any signs of hair loss but everyone on my father’s side is bald so it’s probably coming after me too but i don’t want it sooner than necessary.

what do you think?

I’ve always been told hair loss comes from your mother’s side. How are they hair wise?

My dad had hair loss and was getting bald around his mid 20’s already, so he shaved his head and was bald at 30, he never even used gear. My mother has always had a full head of hair, even now at 62 still has thick hair.

I had a good head of hair at 23 as well, I first tried gear at around 25 or so, first few cycles still all good had all my hair, had great hair in fact, but around 27/28 I started slowly losing my hairline, i stopped for about 3 years, recently jumped on a cycle again and now im losing hair much faster, i can literally notice it per month how much i lost.

I would have probably gotten hair loss anyway since my dad had it very early, but I do believe that my gear use has sped it up a lot.

If I had not used gear I strongly believe I would still have a good hairline and thick hair till maybe late 35+, I would have lasted longer than my dad, but now im starting to lose my hair around 30 as well.

Oh well.

You might think “Yolo” now im still 23, 30 is far off, which I used to think as well, but time flew so damn fast I can remember it like yesterday, so just keep that in mind lol.

i heard it’s a myth. never met my mother’s family but stories tell they didn’t go bald.

want to hear more stories about anabolics and hair loss.

Does anyone have any proof of the “your hair comes from your mother’s father” claim? I have been doubting it. It does not seem to match my limited understanding of genetics and probability of inheriting traits.

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Hair loss is genetic, but doesn’t necessarily just come from your mothers father, which is what was once said.

AAS will speed the process, but if both sets of parents and grandparents have hair, odds are in your favor. Some compounds are more notorious for hair loss than others as well.

My mother has very thin blonde hair and my father has thick dark hair even at 66 years old. My little brother (34 years old) has been losing his hair for 10 years (he’s blonde & on Finasteride) while I’m 36 and have thick dark hair. I’ve been on 200mg TRT for years with no hair issues. There was a 6 month period that I had some shedding but that stopped (mainly stress related) but even that wasn’t noticeable visually.

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