How Closely are T Prescriptions Tracked?

I have bona fide low T. My pdoc is a friend who prescribed me 1 ml every 10 days. Yet my prescription is for a 10 ml bottle once per month.

I think it’s understood that there is going to be a certain amount of wastage, and I figure my pdoc knows that I am going to inject myself a little on the high side. But there is no way that I am going to need the full 10 ml per month.

I am a drug hoarder by nature. I’ve got a bunch of partial bottles of pain pills that are years old stashed away, just in case. I got really furious with my wife for throwing away some really old pain pills. Obviously I don’t take them unless I have serious pain or the flu, but they are hard to get, so I hoard them. I kind of feel the same way about the test.

Anyway, will anyone notice if I refill this prescription every 30 days, as in the pharmacist, the insurance company, or the law? Just curious.

I’m in the same boat. My script is for twice the amount I am supposed to take. I switched pharmacies because Walgreens wouldn’t fill it as often as written.