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How Close to Perpendicular?


doing overhead squats how close to being perpendicular to the ground should your back be?


Perfectly vertical.

I dunno really. If you've done the snatch tnen the squat-under/recovery phase is about what you're looking for. Bottom line really, just keep your back arched and tight, with your head up. Keep your balance. Whatever else happens, happens.


I am not oly guy, but I've seen people reference this chick before...


Your position will depend on the height of your heel too. If you lift with OL shoes, you are gonna be more vertical, than if you are barefoot.

This is a video of me OHS.



Coach Davies original article on OHS has a pic of him doing them and his back is pretty neutral... He also does the walking ones with the barbell overhead...
I would say it depends on you shoulder flexibility and the length of your trunk area (shoulders to waist)

I love doing them since they humble you in a heartbeat :stuck_out_tongue:



Nice video, dude. Man, your gym allows that shit?! Bumper plates and all :stuck_out_tongue:

What are you repping in that vid? 115 or 135? IMO very good form and you look like a big ass mofo LOL.

My goal is at least 185+ (currently at 3 sets of 10 when I'm feeling "on")

Don't you find "stretching the bar" (trying to actually rip it apart) helps with your form?


That's an awesome video man!

Very impressive.

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what is that ur lifting