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How Close am I to a 400 Pound Squat?


I hit 350 3x3 a couple days ago.


you have 50lbs left!

that's like 13% more!

if you change to kilos you have only 22kg left!

now go drink your milk!


Don't worry about how long it will take just do it. You might be surprised!


Try and see.


Well, your 1RM might be 350, it might be 500.

Try and see.


If I had to guess 360- 375. But there's only one way to tell .


Well his 1rm clearly isn't 350!


It might not be much higher . Young and less experienced guys often rep a few times very close to their maxes . Form and staying tight are a big issue . Often they will rush a max to get through it and break form.

Best thing is for him to test it and see.