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How Celebrities End Up


Originally I debated with myself on posting this thread because GASP it is NOT about abortion, though I can easily turn the thread that direction ; )

Taylor is a talented artist in this gimp's opinion. She is a decade younger than me and that keeps me from fantasizing about her jajajaja. But seriously it does. ^side bar^ When I went to Chile in 2010 I was flirting hard core with a student in Santiago. I was looking at pictures of Samantha and trying to learn some small detail about her. Well she had been in Chile the previous semester and happened to run in a race down there. Then in one of the pictures she was standing in line to register for the marathon. She was in the 15-16 year old line. Like a light switch my attraction for her shut off! Sure I was single and this girl was over six foot two inches, loved animals and she was beautiful. But just like Taylor Swift, I cannot be sexually attracted to a girl a decade or more younger than me. The simple maturity level can never something to get over. ^end side bar^

There have always been women stars who become famous and then inevitably make a turn for the worse. Very few examples exist of where a woman OR man are able to remain true to their nature. What are everyone's initial thoughts on this subject? You can respond specifically about Miss Taylor if you want.

In my humble opinion, I think we can look to the past if we want to learn how Miss Taylor's future will turn. However I heartily believe she has a lot of things going for her. I hope and pray that her future has many bright days coming and she avoids the pit falls that have claimed so many in history.

Here is her newest video. I even catch myself singing along at times ; )

edit ^ fubared the video link, yet NOW it be functional!! ; )


She can't sing, her lyrics suck, and her guitar playing is pitiful. I do not get it. Also, girls with no ass should not be shaking it. AND the song is terrible.


xXSeraphimXx -

May I wager you like the booties starting at the minute twenty nine mark? And simply to acknowledge your points, every single one was simply an opinion. May I presume you have [i]MOAR[/i] talent in song writing, write near perfect lyrics AND better skill on a guitar? In my mind Miss Swift was laughing at people who do have only an ass that they shake. But thank you for helping me understand why she should not be called and artist.


Why is this in PWI?

Seems more like a GAL subject to me, or a non-subject to be honest.




Stop posting when you're on or off your meds


To the above posters ^

I just shake it off ; )


The music is intended for teenage girls. Anyone else caught listening to it should slit their wrists immediately.


this thread is weird


Anyone else listening to it will WANT to slit their wrists! And I have some tolerance for pop - I just bought "Happy." But yikes. What an awful video.


playing guitar poorly and writing your own crappy songs > not playing anything and using other peoples work


why? It's on atleast one radio station at all times between that rihana/m&m song, its goin down by kesha, or whatever other catchy chorus autotune no name artist is the flavor of the week.


Meh, I don't listen to those stations. I grabbed Happy to run to.


Fuckin just watch that episode of South Park. They called what would happen to Miley Cyrus YEARS in advance.


You bought it? What, 58 times a day on the radio isn't enough?


"Very few examples exist of where a woman OR man are able to remain true to their nature"

How do you know what their "true" nature is?

People become the person they want to be, at the end of the day.


So you started a thread to tell us how much you like Taylor Swift...but I swear, definitely not in that way?
Who do you think you're kidding? By the way, she's in her mid twenties so you can stop beating yourself up and carry on beating yourself off.
RE the teenage girl, when you found out her age did you stop feeling attracted to her, or did you just stop acting on it?


I don't listen to those stations generally! And it's a really happy song with a good running beat! Also I'm all happy lately and want to hear the word "happy" over and over again!


That's the existentialist view yes. "Existence precedes essence".


I had the same problem once. When I was in my home state I wasn't attracted to her at all but every time I went to Victoria where the age of consent is a year younger I suddenly became attracted to her. Weird.