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How Catabolic is Illness?

I was just wondering how detremental and costly illness(such as a common cold) can be on your physique. I know sickness triggers a release in cortisol, but I’m wondering to what degree. Is it possible to be in an anabolic state when sick? Or is it always catabolic to a certain extent?

I currently have a cold and I feel like shit, and it looks like my progress is going backwards, but it could just be my mental state, Im not sure. Just feels like a couple of days of a cold can set you back weeks in terms of progression.

Colds certainly can thrown a wrench in your training efforts, no doubt, but they are not the kind of thing to completely derail all your gains of late. Provided you keep eating as you have been, a few days off from the gym simply will not erase months of good work.

In my mind the most catabolic thing about illness is the lack of appetite. Whenever I’m sick, my daily caloric intake drops about 2,000 calories. Now THAT will put a stop to anabolism faster than the actual bug inside you, IMO…

I have an ear infection in both ears so bad that there both swollen shut ,this is as I write this.I just set pr in squat and bp last saturday.Worked out mon,and tue morning then got sick.Im on antibiotics now ,but its a struggle to eat 2 lousy meals a day,because I cant hardly chew.Only slept a total of 4 hrs the last 2 nights cause it hurts so bad to lay on my ears.BRUTAL pain Im talkin.I also have taken 4800 mg of asprin in the last 72 hours ,and close to that in tylenol.btw the doc said these doses are okay for short term situations like these.
I wonder though how much muscle loss,fat gain Im gonna have to deal with when this is over.jeez.

Liquid calories.

Once you get back on track, everythin will come back just as quickly as you lost it.

[quote]taper J wrote:
I wonder though how much muscle loss,fat gain Im gonna have to deal with when this is over.jeez.[/quote]