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How Can You Explain These Symptoms?

I followed the protocol TRT with 50mg T every 3 days and 1.25mg Aromasin the same day as the injection but it was not perfect
problems of joint pain despite E2 under control and some ED
in my youth I made a few cycles of T and Deca and it worked very well so I stopped the Aromasin and I added 25mg of Deca to Testo(100mg T +25mg Deca/E3D);since that day everything changed and I feel very well, no pain and no ED,strong morning wood!!!
how to explain it
is this a good way to do trt for a long time?
thank you for ansewred Eric

You have many different threads, so their is a lot of missing context here. But on the face of only what you have written above, I would say that you were taking too much Aromasin and low E2 caused joint issues with mental/CNS effects. Dropping aromasin may have been the major factor. TRT is for life. Please try to get your act together into one thread and always go back there so we can best assist. Need the context of labs and general medical history.

AI(aromasine or arimidex) is a real problem for me, I’m very over responder
on the advice of a german friend BB I replaced AI by 50mg of zinc every night at bedtime and 2.5 mg cooper E2D at lunch.
replacement seems to me a good choice
I found a strong libido and a terrible morning wood
blood tests will follow
best regards Eric