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How Can Walking Barefoot Be Bad?



I just don't understand this. How can it be better to walk with shoes on vs barefoot? Has Footlocker been around since the dawn of time? When Neanderthals decided their feet hurt they popped in and got a new pair of Jordan's?

Can anyone chime in and educate my stupid ass on this topic? Thanks.


If I spend the day barefoot on grass my feet feel good but not so good on the hard surfaces where I spend most of day.


If you get a cut under your foot, you might catch AIDS or Teh Ghey.


Nope, but I have a related story to share.

When I was younger (and extremely overweight) my feet and my arches always hurt like shit after physical activity. The foot doctor told me to wear some special custom made orthotics, and never walk around barefoot/without support.

Now I don't know if it was all the weight I lost, or the fact that 95% of the time I wore Nike Frees or went barefoot, but my feet never hurt again.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it could be "common knowledge" among "foot professionals" that being barefoot is bad. But my feet feel better after walking around without shoes, as opposed to hours in shoes (except my frees)


Antropologically speaking, bare feet are engineered for uneven, natural surfaces. Hard unnatural surfaces place too much of the weight bearing on specific points and eventually cause damage. Plus some people are bow legged, splay footed etc and this exaggerates the problem.

Good shoes fix this. No substitution for it.

In the gym I wear good shoes I paid a lot for at a store that does nothing but designer foot gear. But when I am home on soft carpet or out in my yard I go barefoot mostly.


"Walking barefoot leaves feet open to cuts, scrapes, bruises, and puncture wounds along with skin issues or nail injuries."

it isnt..its the possibility of injury in a world thats full of broken glass... walking in the grass where you know its safe is totally fine but you risk injury if walking someone that might have sharp objects


Most people have weak muscles within the foot itself, and would be strengthened if they walked barefoot. One of the most intricate levers ever made. The Achilles Tendon is one of the strongest in the body for a reason. From the point of view of cuts and scrapes yes, but I don't believe its bad for much of any other reason. Going barefoot would cause more of a stretch of the Achilles, allow for the muscles within the foot to work properly overall.


My dogs can't breathe with shoes on.


I've decided to start walking barefoot more often. My feet are weak and atrophied. Even walking short distances on pavement leaves them in pain, due to the thin girly skin from always wearing shoes. No more.


Step on a rusty nail and you will not be so willing to walk around barefoot. I had a bit of a phobia of walking barefoot outside for most of my childhood because of that. The scar from the nail looks nasty on the bottom of my foot and it is tender to hot/cold temps, hot sand at the beach is very painful.


I go barefoot as often as possible. I just like the feeling. Also also train 98 percent of the time with bare feet. I train at home and at a CrossFit gym that doesn't care what I wear.

If you walk dirt roads or elsewhere often enough in bare feet your feet get thick enough skin to wear the heat doesn't hurt you.

As far as nails and glass - I highly recommend that you do not step on those.

I have never had foot problems...the foot and shoe people are just weenies and of course trying to sell something.


I love being barefoot. Since I can't always be barefoot, I wear sandals most of the remainder of the time, including the gym. I hate having my feet couped up all day long.

I remember being a kid and racing my friend that lived next door to me. He would always win in shoes, but I destroyed him barefoot.


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The argument that because its natural its better really doesn't make any sense. We don't live in the same world that prehistoric man lived in so why would the same rules apply for whats best? My girlfriend grew up in the backwoods of Northern California and ran around in the forest barefoot all the time growing up. Her feet are tough as hell but the forest isn't paved.

In a world where most of our walking is done on even hard surfaces shoes are required. Further, as far as exercising goes, remember prehistoric man didn't lift weights and really only would have run when being chased or doing chasing.


The problem is one of extremes. Who knows what pre-historic man did...it doesn't matter.

What does matter is that today's world primarily wears shoes, and many times BAD shoes, all of the time except when they shower and sleep. So people have more cases of feet issues. No natural light, tight, sweaty cramped conditions cause all sorts of nastiness to grow and thrive that otherwise would not survive the light of day of those that go barefoot when they can. The bad shoes cause tendons so shorten and muscles to weaken...and we all know this is not good. There is a place for shoes just as there is a place for bare feet. People need to find a better balance.


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