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How can MAG 10,etc.. be better then AAS?!?!

I was just reading past messages and it seems some think Bio-Tests products lke MAG-10,Androsol,Nandrsol are better then the real thing, such as AAS.

How are they better/or come close to the gains ud make on AAS?

I was under the impression that nothing besides AAS can help achieve big goals,thats manly why one chooses to do a cycle.

I play football and run track(100m) at the NJCAA level and am looking to gain a lot more strengh and power as well as some muscle. But I am confused in this World Of Steroids to what is best to take for my sports and even if I should do them or believe more supplement hype, can anyne help out? Thanks-

MAG-10 is NOT superior to a sufficiently-dosed
stack combining both Class I and Class II pharmaeutical anabolic steroids.

At label dosing, it is superior to insufficiently dosed pharmaceutical stacks, or to a regimen which fails to combine both types of activity. For example, a testimony was recently given of MAG-10 working better than trenbolone acetate. This is quite believable since trenbolone acetate gives only, or almost only, Class I activity, and by itself is truthfully not all that effective. I’d certainly hope MAG-10 would beat that (and it does.)

Pharmacologically it makes no difference whether a given androgen is legal or not.
So I would not get hung up on that issue
and assume performance from a legal product
cannot be equal to illegal products.