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How Can I Train Chest with Separated Shoulder?

I separated my shoulder un-racking the bar while bench pressing. It doesnt seem too severe. I’ve been icing it and the pain doesnt bother me too much. I’m able to do all my regular movements (including overhead press) with the exception of the bench press. I tried bench pressing to test out what I could do but I ended up reaggravating it so I think it’s best to wait the recommended 6 weeks to allow it to heal fully before benching again.

What are some exercises I could do to train chest that wont hurt my ac joint. My upper body lifts have always lagged behind my lower body lifts so I dont want to go 6 weeks without training chest.

As someone who has had work done on my shoulder… especially my right Ac. Working the effected side is out of the question. Wait the 6 weeks… 6 weeks in the scheme of things is nothing.


Very true. I’ll just keep working on lower body for now

I’d squat with an SSB too if you can

Is an ssb a shoulder brace? I do feel a slight discomfort when I first position myself under the bar but I’m fine throughout my squats.

I did purchase a shoulder brace but it feels awkward and doesnt feel like it helps.

SSB is a safety squat bar. It’s a squat bar where the hands are in front of you.

Oh ok yeah I know what those are. I do not have access to those at my gym tho.

I don’t think it’s critical, but it helps. I use one for preventative care

had rotator cuff injury before and couldn’t train shoulders and chests for at least two months… Also it took me half a year to get back to my normal lifts for bench/shoulder press. So by the end of that I had big legs because that’s all I could train optimally. All you need to do is to make them a priority in your training after you fully recover, and maybe just train legs once every 10 days or 2 weeks like I did, and my proportion went back to normal