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How Can I Tell If I Have Gyno?


Yo, I am 17 years old I've been lifting for 7 months now. Recently I've started thinking if I am starting to get some gyno on my nipples. They're somewhat sensitive and I can feel some sort of lump underneath them. I used to have same sensitive feeling on my nipples few years back also, but it disappeared.

While I realize puberty is a big factor, I'd like to hear your opinions if this situation usually goes away or anything that's related to topic. Just to clarify, I am not taking drugs, and not really fat either.


Have a doctor tell you.


Others may disagree, but I wouldn't worry about it... for now at least.

My son had really bad puffy nipples when he went through puberty. Now that he's reached 19, he's back to normal.


Youre right not to worry in the sense that he shouldnt freak out.

I do think it's a good idea to get it checked by a doctor now so that if it does become a permanent manifestation in a few years there will be documentation proving that this is an ongoing problem. This makes it easier to get insurance coverage if surgical removal becomes necessary and he has to show how this cosmetic issue affects him negatively.

Although, I dont know how the healthcare system works with regards 17 year old Finnish gangstas


LOL! Awesome