How Can I Substitute KB Swing in the Beginner Prep School?

My gym doesn’t have kettlebells, the options I found was:

  1. Dumbbell swing
  1. Plate swing

(though I dislike this option, seems really weird)

  1. Pull through
    Would any of this be a good idea?

Another thing, does it make a difference if I use an assistance exercise that’s similar of the main work on the same day or do an opposite movement?
E.g: Squat day: Squat+Goblet Squat, Deadlift day: DL+ KB Swing
or Squat day: Squat+KB Swing, Deadlift day: DL+Goblet Squat

Does it make a difference? Are any of the options better? What are your preferences?
The only advantage I see in using a similar movement on the same day of the main work is that is not needed to warm up in the assistance exercise.