How Can I Stay Motivated?

ok, so i have all the advise and knowlage i need to lift but im impationt so any tricks of the trade to stick with it???

If by “motivated” you mean “always having a fire in your belly, and jumping out of bed to go to the gym” the answer is “You can’t.” You will have your ups and downs.

The only way to stay motivated is to set long and short term goals, and to make a plan to achieve them. Then record your progress to those goals.

Inspiration wears out quickly. Maturity is about doing what you need to do even if there is no “fire in your belly.”

In my opinion, you either want it bad enough to stick with it or you don’t.

Perhaps, you’re a member of the “don’t” camp.

First you need a goal.

Visualize your ultimate goal. Think about how great you’ll feel and how happy you’ll be when you attain it.

Consistency is the key. Even when the motivation is not there, grind through a workout. Results happen over time, think about the tortoise and the hare. I know this is not what you want to hear, but be patient.

Keep a log. A training log will allow you to look back and see how much stronger you have grown in a month/six months/ year, etc. When you look back and see the hard numbers and realize you added 5lbs to your bench since last week and 100lbs since last year, that is motivating.

A photo log helps to. You see the progress and are hungry for more. You see the fat turd that you used to be (okay, maybe that’s just me) and you know you won’t let yourself slip back into that mode.

Written goals, visualizations, daily affirmations all help. Realize that fitness, bodybuilding and strength training is not something you do a few hours a week, it is a lifestyle.

Is the topic creator the famous and hilarious XxCelticxX ??

a good way to stay motivated is to take some pics (pref at the beginning of your training or when you start a new program or goal). and keep a log, either on the comp or written in a book…make sure you have certain lifting times (ie: time or day and the day and keep it that way).

also, read this site, not so much the articles but what ppl post and talk about…you might see something new and exciting that will make you want to get in the gym and try it…

and as mentioned, set goals…(lose weight and get athletic or build mass etc etc…)

and also, just do it, just get out there and do it, when you see someone in the street with a hamburger and fries and wayyyyyyy out of shape, just think that you are working in the other direction and that your next workout will be in the right direction…but also take it ONE DAY AT A TIME…dont get ahead of yourself, it dont happen over night…that is the one thing most ppl cant handle…it takes time and effort…

good luck

[quote]chirag wrote:
Is the topic creator the famous and hilarious XxCelticxX ??[/quote]

interesting thought…

Chris Shugart has written Plenty of Motivating articles and such.

One such is " Merry Christmas Bob" Just do an author search in the library and read away. His blog is loaded as well.

May alos read some Dan John stuff It has a tendency to get me going with the no Bull shit go lift some heavy stuff approach.

Also music.

Hope that helps,

Charles Staley has amazing insight on this … catch him on PrimeTime.

For me it is about two things: improving and having fun.

For a long time I was only chasing the improvements. All I wanted to do was get bigger and stronger and look better. I always worked hard, but it was a struggle at times. Then when I added the element of FUN, I took off! Do not underestimate the power of the kid inside!


[quote]XxchasexX wrote:
ok, so i have all the advise and knowlage i need to lift but im impationt so any tricks of the trade to stick with it???[/quote]

Maybe working on actually being patient will help…It is a virtue, you know.

Here’s a simple thought:

Outlaw the word “workout”. Never use it again. Never even think it again. Instead, you train. When someone asks you why you’re going to the gym on a friday, say, I’ve got to train. When you think to yourself about how to structure your routines, think “how do I need to train?”. “Working out” is pointless and is what the people who make new year’s resolutions and never keep them do. “Training” is what Arnold, Maurice Green, Lance Armstrong, and every other committed person does.

Easy? Yeah, and it sounds stupid. But you change your mindset with words. Tattoo them into your skull, post them by your bed, and put them by your computer, your tv, and your gym bag.

“You cannot be common, the “common” man gets nowhere; you’ve got to be uncommon.”
–Herb Brooks, coach of the 1980 US Hockey Team, the team of college boys that beat the USSR’s “superhuman” team.

Here is a trick i use to keep motivated. Think of all the good things you get from having a better body for example the girls maybe new friends? who knows I have never had a problem with motivation because i used to weigh 240…lmao and now im about 178 with some muscle and the thing that keeps me going is my will to become healthier and look better. You have to ask yourself Do i want to look like a slob? or do i want people to give me looks of disbelief?

Wish I knew.

Habit, I think, is the main thing. If you go to the gym MWF, then that’s just what you do. End of story.

So if you can schedule in your training sessions at the same times those days, that will keep you there.

Even though I don’t have one now, I’ve also found that having a training partner can be useful. Even if you don’t want to be there, you know that other guy is counting on you, so you show up. Some of my best training sessions have come on days when I didn’t want to be there and my partner didn’t want to be there, but we both showed up for the other guy. Sometimes it takes a little bit to get warmed up.

Training journals are good. I have that “if it’s written down, it’s going to happen” attitude, and that helps.

Remember that the hardest part is getting yourself laced up and out the door. I find that, the nearer your gym is, the better. A garage gym is awesome. If not that, get something that’s in between your house and your work, if possible.

Negative motivation always works for me, too. I go and look at fatties.

Or hot chicks. That’s always good.

Dan “Mmm. Hot Chicks.” McVicker