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How Can I Split This Routine?


Or should I split it?

Squats 5x5 (Deads 5x5 every other w/o)
B/Press 5x5
Rows 5x5
Dips 5x5

Presently I do this Mon/Wed/Fri
If I'm tired I do a light w/out
I pick 1 exercise and do 10x3
Each exercise performed 1 short of failure
If I feel a little overloaded I take an extra day off in between

So please tell me the good or bad or better way!!!



Squats 5x5 (Deads 5x5 every other w/o)
B/Press 5x5
Rows 5x5
Dips 5x5

Romanian DL 5x5
Military Press 5x5
Chin 5x5

Squats 5x5* (Deads 5x5 every other w/o)
B/Press 5x5*
Rows 5x5*
Dips 5x5*

*Do same workout Mon&Fri but swich the manner in which you complete the 5x5...

Method 1) Start light, work up to a 5rm on last set only.

Method 2)Warm-up and do 5x5 with a top weight. Use one or the other method for Monday and the other on Friday.


Derek, that is very interesting, thanks for the exellent reply!


As always, it would help if we knew a little more. Your current condition, years of experience training, and your goals. Recommending a training split without this is like selling a "one size fits all" suit.



Or maybe he wanted a quick, simple idea of how to set up a balanced training program. I could be wrong...


Derek,I could not have said it better!

PS:Derek, I got this suggestion from another forum, What do you think?

Squats 5x5 (Deads 5x5 every other w/o)
B/Press 5x5 (Dips 5x5 every other w/o)
Rows 5x5 (Chins 5x5 every other w/o)

10x3 on one exercise per bodypart on one day.


I am only doing compound exercises from now on. At 45,180lb and 19% bodyfat my goal is to reach 200lbs and trim up and stay there. I eat well and love the full body workout scheme.