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How Can I Speed Up My Fat Loss On Keto?


Hey :slightly_smiling: Im a newbie!! So Im getting ready for a figure competition in June. I decided to do the keto diet because I want to come in really lean and plus it was my first time bulking up and I know i did it wrong.. Well i learned my lesson. Ive been on keto for a week now. At first i gained 5lbs but now ive dropped it. I read people are able to lose 20lbs withing the first two weeks. I wanted to know how i could do that. Im 5'1" 135lbs female.. Hehe.. I think i did my macros right so im at 92g fat, 120g protein, 17g carbs.. This week ive been having 3 whole boiled eggs for breakfast, 1 can meditteranean sardines 1/2c lettuce with 2tbsp cesar dressing for my mid morning snack. Lunch time is ground beef and cheese 1/2c broccoli. Mid afternoon snack is 1oz almonds or 1/2oz. Pork rinds. Dinner is usually a repeat of breakfaat or lunch. Before bed snack is 2tbsp pb and 2tbsp sugarfree jello pudding. I dont even know if Im allowed the jello but some forums said yes some said no. Im in hawaii and not a lot of people know about keto and how to use it for pre comp prep. Should i just eat ground beef, boiled eggs, and cheese for 2 weeks? Im not even thinking about carb ups because im actually ok with this diet.. Dude!! I get to have pork rinds and cheese what more can i ask for!!?? Lol.. But any help would be super awesome!! Im using diablo 5 as a thermogenic, glutamine, multi vitamin, and scivation xtend for bcaas.. (btw)


You're 135lbs, if you lost 20lbs in a week, you'd need to lose a limb in a farm machinery accident.

I know virtually nothing about contest prep, but you're talking around 8-9 weeks away? I don't know if that's enough time.

On the diet, how many calories does that add up to? (yes, I'm that lazy on doing the math). It seems lik e kind of a lot for a small person on a serious cut. However, it's only been a week, and it looks like your water weight is fluctuating substantially, so it may be hard to tell the diet's effectiveness.


1-What is your BMR and how is your daily intake compared to it?
2-If someone is actually losing that much 'weight' the first week, it's because the human body stores water in the presence of carbs in an almost 4:1 ration, so obviously by eliminating most carbs, you will drop 'weight' (Water weight)



Stu is entirely right. People of a larger size can gain/lose 20lbs on a keto/carb up (due to water), but someone your size should not expect such a dramatic shift.

However, I have never heard of someone initially gaining weight when going on keto, due to the drop in water.

What were your kcals before keto?

What does your training look like (I know, we are in nutrition, but I would like to understand the sudden weight gain)?

A piece of advice I have is that, for me personally, switching from cheese to chicken breast and olive oil (of equal or lesser total calories), and getting leaner cuts of beef helped me continue to lose fat when ketogenic and stagnating. While I have always found saturated fat gives you the best energy when ketogenic, too much has (IME) held me back in my fat loss goals.

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Before cutting i was eating about 1600 calories. My training- monday legs and back with powerlifters, tuesday- shoulders and triceps, wednesday- rest day just 45 minutes cardio and abs, thursday- chest and biceps, friday is touch up- id usually work on my glutes, hams, back and triceps on this day. Before cut i did cardio mon, wed, and fri. Its my first time doing this diet. But I just wanted to know if it was even possible. Its ridiculous but i had to know. And I wasnt trying to seem lazy in the math department. I calculated everything down to my meal planning. Thanks for the comments and advice:)


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