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How Can I Sell My Daughter on Calisthenics?


She is only 11, turns 12 in April. I keep trying to talk up the benefits of body weight workouts. She is bull headed and wants to go to the gym. I am glad she has the interest and I get that doing push-ups is just boring. I am not against kids lifting myself. She just could get so far with calisthenics


I have found the best way to get kids doing something is to model it (up to a certain age lol). How much doing vs talking is happening?


Does she play any sports?


What’s the problem again? If you don’t mind her lifting and she wants to go to the gym…


you’re asking us how to convince an 11 year old why a particular way to work out is better than a different way? I’m not sure you’re going to get much out of this thread, lol


In an era where childhood obesity is an epidemic, instead of trying to convince your daughter to exercise differently, I would support their decision to exercise.


Basketball, and she gets made fun of for looking anorexic. Modeling is a good idea


he’s not saying she should model… read again. this time, do it better.


Get her rock climbing. It’s fun and the most muscular girls (17 and under) I’ve ever seen were all climbers.


Hey @Navin_Johnson, I agree that body weight movements are extremely valuable but I also remember what it was like being that young and just wanting to hit the weights. I think incorporating body weight movements into a weight training program as accessory work could be a compromise. She would still be able to lift weights and would benefit from the body weight movements. I do this myself, its a great workout! Good luck!


Beat me to it