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How Can I Restore My Syringes?

I will be on tour the next couple months.
I decided to inject twice weekly since my shbg is 22 and I would like to give twice weekly subq shots a try.
My Proboem is in my country you only get the 250 mg test ampules. How can I store the syringes with the test inside? Can I put them in my bag and when I want to use them just put a new needle?
If that does not work I have to keep the one weekly injections and live with funkyness at the end of the week. Hehe

Nobody any advice?

Prefill your syringes, then store in a hard plastic case. I use a toothbrush holder like this:

Put some cotton at the ends to keep them from bouncing around.

You can just preload them for the week, it’s not an issue as long as they’re not stored for too long (meaning many weeks at a time). You should have a new needle loaded on before you store them though. That way you’ll always know that they’re ready to go and you don’t need to remember anything else with them. That’s just how I would do it. Others may have a different idea.

Much Thnx fellaz.