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How Can I Regain Fertility? 1 Year on TRT

Ive been trying to have a kid, with no luck. Im still on TRT (No HCG). Obviously I knew that chances of pregnancy are low with no HCG, but figured Id give it a shot. so far its been 4months and no luck. Should I try HCG or come off completely. what are my chances of getting my partner pregnant? am I forever sterile?

Do you not see a doc? Supposedly, you want medicine to stimulate both FSH and LH.

Most guys are able to conceive after adding hCG to their testosterone.

Ive heard otherwise

Yep. Then see about adding FSH if that doesn’t work. Last case come off test. I’ve always figured it’d be hard to conceive when you feel like shit and have no sex drive tho


Start HCG. No reason to not be using it all along, btw. If that doesn’t work then add HMG. If that doesn’t work then you’re coming off entirely, and probably on a program of enclomiphene, hcg, and if necessary more HMG (it’s expensive as Hell, so if you can avoid having to use it for months then that’s better).

Your information is incorrect.

Regardless of whatever you have heard it seems you are questioning your source(s) since you are on a public discussion forum asking questions.

While not all that common (most guys I see are not interested in having children) it is not rare certainly with younger patients. I can think of only a handful of guys unable to conceive once hCG was added to their therapy. Keep in mind there is more to the equation than a sperm count. For example, one in particular, had his wife get pregnant four times last year only to lose every one.