How Can I Quickly Boost my Strength?

I’ve just done exercise for few weeks. But it’s pretty tired… how to boost my strength quickly?

What equipment do you have access to?

Are you able to perform the barbell squat, bench press, deadlift and press overhead?

How old are you, and what is your height and weight?


i have access to a barbell and dumbbells a liitle bit.
I’m 30. my height: 69 inches and i’m about 200 pounds

No rack or bench of any variety?

You did not answer the second question I asked in the previous post

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Did that hurt to type?


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Can i buy your ebook?

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Eh, I try to spell things out best I can in the beginners forum


You do good work in here, i’m mostly being unhelpful.

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oh so sorry… i’m able to perform the barbell squat and bench press

Dude, you keep not answering questions I ask. Do you have access to a squat rack or bench, or is it just barbells and dumbbells?

What prevents you from deadlifting and pressing overhead?

really good? where can i buy it??

I find this pretty hilarious, but also sort of sad.

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I honestly wonder if this was just a long con hustle at this point. I have seen this game online before


Even more funny that he is dispensing wisdom in Pharma section. :roll_eyes: