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How Can I Organize My Programme?

Hi !

I can work out 3 days a week, but i’m at a boarding school and I don’t have the same equipement at home.

I can back squat and deadlift and bench press 2 times a week at boarding school gym, and I can do some pullup (and not at the boarding school gym), do some cable work at home and barbell/dumbell work too, but I have less weight (not enough to deadlift or bench).

I want to gain mass and strength being between beginner and intermediate, and start working my legs (I didn’t before…)

I’ve thinked doing

Squat 35
Bench Press 3

Deadlift 35
Bench Press 3

Pullup 3*5 (weighted)
Cable lying cuban rotation 2 sets to failure with deweighting during set and static hold to failure
Same with lying bicep curl

It’s pretty hard to organize… Is bench pressing 2 times a week too much? I can’t really do a A/B program like starting strength…

I want to add up 2-4 kilos at each work out.


It seems like your setup is conducive to a 5x5 program. I would set it up with two days in rotation, like this:
Day 1:
Back Squat
Bench Press
Bentover Row

Day 2:
Military Press
Front Squat

That should do the trick. Throw whatever else in on those days you want to, but 5x5 approaches always work pretty well for beginners.

I didn’t even think to rotate these 2 days…

But it can lead to 10 days without bench or just 3 and I want to go easy on my back, I just start to deadlift and squat, I think the day two would be prettty thought for it… I want strength but to build muscle mass.