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How Can I Measure Up?

What is the easiest way to measure macro-nutrients in foods that are not labeled on the container? I want to start the T-DAWG diet, but it seems that I’ll have to go buy a scale to measure weight of food (after it’s been cooked for most protien sources). The carbs should not be a problem if I keep to suggested carbs on the list all I’ll need is a measuring cup or scoop. If there is no other way besides buying a scale and figuring out how many grams of fat and protien ther are per 1 once serving for a certain food, then so be it. I’m just hoping there is a quicker or easier way.

 Also if I'm supposed to get 1.5 grams of protien per pound of body weight thats gonna come to 402 grams  of protien a day! For the love of all thats holy! I'm gonna have to fit in some dialysis a couple times a week. At 268 pounds (BF @ about 20%)my caloric intake will be 3520 a day. Can this be correct? I hate to question the wisdom of T-nation, but Jeebus that sounds kinda high. Any input will be greatly appreciated..

You can look up the macronutrient content of most foods online…


Also, unless you have a kidney problem, there is basically no limit to the amount of protein you can eat. The kidneys won’t care (but if you did have a kidney problem that would be different).

Anyway, it sounds like you are carrying a lot of muscle. If you are working your muscles well you’ll be able to eat a lot – especially if you are timing your macronutrients appropriately.

However, you may want to start by keeping a food log of what you are eating now and then ADJUST your way to the new eating levels instead of simply changing the quantity of food you are eating dramatically.


I agree with vroom…

The other thing to remember is that these calculations are based on LEAN bodyweight…so if my calculations are right, at a LBW if about 214, you need to consume a VERY reasonable 320g of protein a day…

ALSO, if you’ve been training a while (leading to greater utilization of protein), you can even decrease that number to 1 gram of protein/lb of LBW.

Calories? Start at that point and simply adjust based on whether or not you are gaining too much fat.



They most certainly will if the person in question is lax about water intake.


A food scale purchase is something I went back and forth on for the longest time. I decided to buy one and picked up a fairly good one. To be honest this thing pisses me off all the time. When I think a slab of meat is only 3 ounces it is always telling me its 6 ounces… personally I hate it but it keeps me honest and on track with my nutrition. They are a useful tool in a fat loss attack.


Scales and Mirrors…they keep us honest!


Knight, the issue of protein has been debated many times. Somehow, for some reason, people think the kidneys are in trouble if you drop carbs or up proteins.

Healthy kidneys are just as capable of handling lifes stresses as are healthy hearts, livers and lungs.

Anyhow, if you can point to some studies indicating that damage can be caused by protein consumption, please do. Otherwise I’ll continue to consider it a myth.

Thanks guys for the help. Although I’ve been lifting (off and on) for 16 years. I have not been that careful @ keeping track of macro-nutients. I want to make sure I’m doing this right. Now I can go into this with confidence. Time to start a food log and buy a scale. I aint too proud to put in my dues. I have a long cold winter coming to get my BF @ a respectable number.

Hey Steve,

In case you missed it I posted my nutrition planner spreadsheet in a thread awhile back. If you have MS Excel you can try this out. I think the link still works but if not shoot me a pm with your email address and I will send you a copy of it.