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How Can I Make My Split Better?


I do the below twice a week, split routine
just need a bit of advice on how i can make it better



Flat Bench Press barbell
8 x12
Incline Dumbbell flyes
8 x12
Machine overhead press
5 x12
Dumbbell side lateral raise
8 x12
Close Grip Bench Press
5 x12
Overhead tricep extension
5 x12
Crunches (abs)
5 x20


8 x12
Leg extension machine
8 x12
Seated leg curl
8 x12
Barbell rows
8 x12
Chin ups
8 x12
Seated Cable Rows (lats)
8 x12
Barbell curl (biceps)
5 x12
Seated alternating dumbbell curl
5 x12
Standing Calf Machine (calves)
5 x20
Seated Calf Machine (calves)
5 x20


How long have you been training?
What are your numbers on the lifts?
What are your goals?
Why is half of your leg day devoted to upper body work?
What are your stats?


Bench is about 60kg
Squat is about 80kg
overhead press is 35kg

My goals are building muscle mass, i have been on a strength program fro the last 3 months and would like to change. I have been training for about a year and half seriously


Okay, first off if I am coming off as an ass I apologize but for 1.5 years of serious training your lifts are all pathetic (actually they would be pathetic for 6 months). You really need to trim the fat off your exercise selection. You do not need to add biceps curls, triceps extensions, leg curls/extensions, at this point in your training program. Your entire body will improve just by increasing your major lifts. Focus your upper body day around the bench press and overhead presses. Also, for every pressing movement you do, perform a pulling movement also (e.g. bench press followed by bent over rows and barbell overhead press followed by high pull). So your upper body day could look like this:

1a. bench press variation
1b. barbell bent over row
2a. barbell overhead press
2b. pull ups
If you still have anything left in you, you can throw in some curls and triceps extensions.

leg day should consist of bilateral and unilateral versions of squats and deadlifts.

1a. squat
1b. deadlift
2a. bulgarian split squat
2b. bodyweight deadlift

As for sets and reps, you will probably respond best to staying above 80% of 1RM. Samples of effective rep schemes include 5x5, 3x8, 4x6. Just pick one.

Asfor progression, on your first workout of the week add 5 lbs to the bar. On the second, focus on adding reps to your sets.




I've written this routine 7356767625 times on this forum. everyone who has done a similar version, myself inclused has been happy with it.


lol, are you all day at gym?
i think there is to much of everything! sets, reps... men! work more than 2 days or burn. Or maybe take only few, good exercises from that list and do it right, because now you are like machine or something, probably without fuel.