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How Can I Lose Weight as a Teen on 5/3/1?


Im 17yo,180cm and 78kg. I started doing 5/3/1 for beginners + sprints and its amazing.

I wanna lose some weighth and get fitter.

HHow do I lose weight thhough? I dont know what to do?

Also,hhow can i stop eating sugar and junk food? Im addicted to it?

If you are addicted, seek the aid of an addiction counselor. There are also 12 step programs.

If it’s not an addiction, and you are just employing hyperbole, employ the following strategy: when you are about to eat something bad for you, don’t.

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Don’t keep any around your house. If you have to go to the store to get a Snickers, you are less likely to through the hassle compared to just shlepping over to the kitchen and grabbing one.

Even if you have very good will power, eventually it will recede and you’ll eat your weight in chocolate chip cookies if there’s a jar full of them in the house.

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Remember when kids were suing their parents for any sort of issue a while back?

Are kids still doing this or have we successfully distracted them with iPads and Miley Cyrus?

Like the other guys said, keep if out of your house. However since you are 17 its likely that you are not in charge of the groceries and other family members may like having it around.

When I first struggled with willpower I did some stuff to help me:

  1. plan everything you are going to eat in a single day and the times when you get to eat them. List the calories, the serving size, protein, carbs, fats. Plan on eating “something” every 2 hours. Things like sugar free jello cups and butter-free popcorn can help with sweet and salty cravings. Plan to eat fruit, vegetables, lean meats, eggs, and the occasional snack. Keep breads and pasta to a minimum and NO CEREAL. Pretty soon, you will be looking forward to eating your next item and not junk food.

  2. It may sound silly but if you are craving something really bad, go brush your teeth and use mouthwash, it will take away your craving and nobody likes to eat right after brushing your teeth.

  3. Drink lots of icewater when your hungry, it will help you feel full.

  4. You need to be able to determine the difference between physiological hunger (truly needing food) and psychological hunger (bored, anxious, etc and wanting something)

Sorry to tell you, but this is pretty much it. What you out in your mouth is entirely your choice. Make that choice and if necessary, remind yourself why you made it.

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You need a game plan. Firstly, make sure you plan and prep your meals and you then eat all of them.

Then if you crave something have a series of steps you’ll take before having the junk. Here’s an example:

  1. Keep a notebook handy, take it out and write "I have a craving for whatever you want to eat, I am just going to sit here and be comfortable with that feeling for 5 minutes and then it may go. I’m doing this because I want to whatever you want to accomplish
  2. If it doesn’t go, go take a 5 to 10 minute walk
  3. If it doesn’t go, have a big glass of water
  4. If it doesn’t go, eat something sweet or salty like a piece of fruit or yoghurt or salted dry rice cake or avocado with soy sauce
  5. If it doesn’t go, have one of whatever it is you want and put it away then write in your notebook again as per point 1 above.

If you keep this up, the cravings will blunt over time.

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First, you must find a way to stop and control licking sugar. Refined sugar is loaded with carbs and I think is the number one cause of your current woes. So the more you continue licking it the more you load your body with excess calories. Second, it is necessary that you consider a workout. Get a program that can work for you to burn fats and give you lean muscles. Also, I would recommend that you try garcinia cambogia supplement to help you burn fats. Oh, let me not forget about junk foods cravings. Find alternative foods such as eating fruit whenever the urge becomes uncontrollable.