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How Can I Lose Weight as 17Y/O?


Im 17yo,180cm and 78kg. I started doing 5/3/1 for beginners + sprints and its amazing.

So the problem is want to lose weight. I started counting calories and stuff but its killing me. Im eating 2.5k calories a day and sometimes i lose weight sometimes I gain.

And not that. Counting calories is stressing me out and i hate it. Its just a temporary solution.

I’ve also tried intermittent fasting. But Im always hungry. Idk if its because im still growing or because im a fatass.

Im always hungry. What should I do?

You already asked this question

It’s considered rude to start a topic, ask a question, and then completely ignore all the people that took the time to respond to you.

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Yes, but he didn’t get the answer he wanted.


So, you’re 5’11" and 172 lbs. This seems pretty reasonable, and even lighter than many would want to be . Why are you looking to lose weight?

I didn’t notice that you’d asked this until @T3hPwnisher mentioned it, but you were already answered.

There’s literally NOTHING you can do besides what was already told to you in the first question. Get on top of it - you’re 17 and it only gets harder to lose weight (fat) as you age (I’m 19).

dude seriously your 17 years old, train eat sleep and grow, your not fat, your just out of shape

I’d also add that 2.5k calories a day is way too much for you if fat loss is the goal.

Cut it down to maybe 1.9k and see if you still don’t lose weight. I bet you will.

I guess that’s the most obvious answer if the question was simply “why am I not losing weight?”

Cut your calories down significantly, gut it out for 8-12 weeks wthout bitching (I know, I know, this is the hard part), train with intention meanwhile, lose that fat, and once you’re done never worry about cutting for the foreseeable future since you’ll have a lean base to actually build from. There’s only one problem with this solution: it actually requires discipline and work, and no one but you can make you do that.

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it’s a kid who just start training, he don’t even have muscle…i don’t think that he need to decrease calorie, he just have to train hard and become muscular ! he is not 250 lbs he is tall and 170 lbs…

Actually I would still recommend that if he’s fat. Of course it’d be easier to judge if we could see a pic.

But really, cutting now is better than cutting later. If he’s carrying around more fat than due the best thing to do is to get rid of it now. Fat makes everything more difficult, from building muscle to actually tolerating psychologically the inherent increase in body fat when you gain weight. If he’s worrying about being fat now, I can tell you gaining more weight will only exacerbate that.

Instead, if he loses that fat with an aggressive but well-planned method, he’ll be where he needs to be in a couple of months and then he won’t have to worry about the fat. Being a novice, he will probably have gotten stronger in the process as well. Win win.

The answer isn’t always, “don’t worry about fat, just eat and grow.”

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he won’t get fatter…just more muscular bro wtf are you 18 ? you think like him, kid who start training think like that

No actually I am explaining the strategy that Paul Carter, one of the best elite level coaches, used with me and the reasons behind it.

Yes I am 18 by the way. My coach isn’t.
And yes, he will gain fat along with muscle since it’s virtually impossible to gain only either one of the two, as it is losing only one. If we could “not get fatter, just more muscular bro,” no one would have to ever diet and everyone would be big and lean.

…you should definitely stfu since it seems you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

bro if you have 10 years of training behind you, its harder and impossible to gain muscle while losing weight ( without steroid ) but at 17 years old with some month of training, YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT AND GAIN MUSCLE

i think that you don’t really fucking know what your talking about, don’t say that i don’t know what im talking about your 18 years old kid

Go ahead and just ignore the part where I say that everything I wrote wasn’t stated by me initially but by a person with exactly 30 years of experience.

Calling me bro repeatedly and then saying I’m just a kid doesn’t give you much credibility either. I stopped calling other people like that (the equivalent in my own language anyway) when I was in middle school.

Go ahead and keep giving him bad advice. Tell him he’s good where it is, with shitty eating habits and poor discipline. I’m sure he’ll be in a great spot in two months after he’s tried to accept himself and bulk but has given up because he didn’t like the fact that has gained more fat and deep down he didn’t believe in it.

Or he could diet hard and train harder for eight weeks, find himself lean and primed to grow, and actually make progress from then on.

of course bro, we are talking about shitty eating habits and poor discipline…and yes we are talking about ‘‘bulking’’ LOL kid you are retarded

From the previous thread opened by this guy

Before calling me names, make sure you can read. You muppet.

Im answering the actual topic, no i didn’t stalk everything that he wrote everywhere, but seriously go read your speech is lame.

Where did you see that it’s impossible to gain muscle while losing fat when your a newbie ?
How can you put a guys who is almost 6 feet, 172 lbs ( not 250 ) to a deficit diet at 17 years old ?

This kid just have to reduce is sugar and crap intake, eat well, train hard and sleep well. He don’t have to count his fucking calories

You must be really retarded because one line above you said,

which itself DOES require a calorie deficit to occur (losing fat and gaining muscle), which at this point clearly shows you just wanted to unload your frustration by insulting a random person, so I won’t be engaging in a discussion with a complete idiot like you anymore.

OP, I gave you my advice. Do what you feel is best for you. But try not to listen to someone who can’t even make a point (let alone in proper English) without attacking and calling names after two posts.

Where did i talk about a calorie deficit one line above ?

It does require a deficit after 10 years of training, but when you start to train, we call it ‘‘newbie’’ gain. You can still gain muscle while losing fat without any deficit.

Bro and Kid is calling name ? your the first one who said STFU = Shut the fuck up

I generally avoid telling people what their goals should be. It’s down to them to decide that.

The OP specifically asked for advice on how to lose weight and stop eating crap, which was the advice given.

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witch advice can we tell him about stop eating crap ? just fucking stop eating crap there is nothing more to say about it

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