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How Can I Lose 4lbs of Fat in 2 Weeks ?


Bro's ! How can I lose 4lbs of pure fat in 2 weeks ?

I have the whole 2 weeks off to do any diet any training program, sky's the fucking limit

so what should I do diet and training wise ?

HELP a Brotha out ???!!!

Thanks for your time


lower cals and cut carbs out completely except around peri workout. shouldn't be hard to cut 4 lbs in 2 weeks. Add in some cardio after your workouts and that should do it.


If you add some steady state cardio like walking everyday for about 1.5hrs, and slightly decrease carbs that would do it. 4 lbs is fuck all, you could easy get it off.




gee 2 weeks to do any diet and any program you want?

i guess we had all life to do whatever we want.

btw, lowering carb intake and adding some cardio and it will be easy.


Every pound of fat is 3500 calories. Do the math.




What about all the supplements on sale? you should spend money and buy supplements to help lose 4 pounds in 2 weeks. Spend $250.00 per month on supplements and do the walking cardio is more than enough to bust 4 pounds of fat. Why not?


Why don't you do the poliquin super-accumulation program (lol) if you've got two weeks to torture yourself.

Because you've got tonnes of time on your hands I would get your deficit mostly from your training and activity.

Do a little carb cycling and you're set.


Stop stuffing your fat face with carbs.

Eat omelets and tuna for 2 weeks straight. Greens as much as you like.
Low intensity cardio for serveral hours every day (walking, nothing fancy).

Edit: See how every response is the same? Notice a pattern? Just do it.


V-Diet with heavy low rep lifting??


A member of this site since 06 who cant figure out how to lose 4 pounds of fat deserves no help at all.

How lazy can you possibly be to need to make this type of thread


OP, if you have ancilliary goals it would help to narrow down the advice.


why? what's the goal?


Sorry, but GOLD. Honestly, I thought this was a first timer.


Cut your head off! 4lbs of pure Fat, Gone!


Bro's !

I have a whole 2 weeks to gain 0.0000237kg's of muscle


Di-Nitro-Phenol (dont actually do this)


OP is a troll. We have history.


I suspected that from the bit about bro's. But I wanted to weigh in semi-seriously.