How Can I Know If my Gear Is Legit?

Guys I am on my first cycle (375boldenon 450test 2 proviron). I am 23. Training natural since 17. I went 192lbs to 204lbs in 5 weeks and my weight didn’t changed for the last 4 weeks. My macros are 190gr protein 400g carb 40f. My strength is pretty much the same. My body changed a little but I am training 5 days a week and no cheat meal. How can i be sure if my gear is legit? My previous blood work before I stsrt cycle was 694test now it’s 1394.

Not sure about your metabolism, but me personally, I’d be losing weight eating only 2700 calories a day…

How many weeks into your cycle did you get that blood work done?

I’m not familiar with EQ, but I would think your test should be higher than the on 450mg weekly or Test. Are you taking Test E or C?

Sounds like your Test might be under dosed? But also sounds like you’re not eating enough. That initial 12lbs was mostly glycogen and water weight, this is when you should be putting on less weight, but quality weight.

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It’s testc and blood work get done after 4.5 weeks on my cycle. I don’t know how it should effect me but no increase on libido or considireble weight gain. I think my gear is underdosed

Your gear sounds extremely under dosed unfortunately. For example… my pharma grade test nets me those same numbers at 150mg per week. I’ve reduced my TRT dose down to 130mg and I’m still at 900+. We all respond differently but that should be much higher.


I think you need to eat much more. I gained around 25lbs with 500mg test e and my levels were around 1900. when my weight wasn’t going up I consumed more food. force the weight to go up by eating more and be sure to smash the gym. how is your training going?

I trained 5 days a week. It usually takes 2 hours plus I do 30 min cardio. The only difference is I usually felt soreness especially on chest and leg day. I don’t feel sore now. My natural test was 700 before I am gonna stop taking this gear this week and do pct 2 weeks later. I hope pct works fine I bought the same place too. Syntholan technologies. Don’t recommend to anyone

Overt training + eating too little is a big part of your problem.

Why are you spending 2+ hours in the gym and doing 30 minutes of cardio daily? All while you’re only eating 2700 calories a day.

Steroids aren’t magic, your diet and training needs to be on point to get the most from your cycle, and more importantly, to keep what you gained after you’re done.

What do you recommend me to eat? I am eating 1gr protein per lbs and 2 gr carb per lbs
But I am taking 450mg test and 375 boldenon.
Why my test level are at trt range? People who take 100mg a week at the same level? Doesn’t makes sense to me

You did your bloods at 4.5 weeks… did you do them right before you were due for your next injection? There’s other more knowledgeable folks regarding half lives and saturation levels and all. I agree they seem low, but you don’t know what they’re at now… they could be higher.

On or off gear, unless you have a shit metabolism, I think you’re eating too little , especially given you’re doing 30min of cardio and in the gym over 2 hours.

How tall are you? Weight?

My maintenance is around ~3200 calories or so, not sure now after this cycle, but I typically eat 3500 calories a day when not on steroids. I bumped up to 4,000-4,500 when on.

This past cycle I kept it at my normal diet of 3500 to see how I did, and I gained less, but I’m hoping I maintain it better. Only time will tell.

I am 5’9 204 lbs now. I pin Monday Wednesday and Friday. I got my bloodwork Saturday morning. I use to eat 300g carb to maintain my mass. I use to have abs I still do but less visible. 135cm shoulder 115cm chest 46.5cm arms 88cm waist now. Sorry I measurement on metric system

At 4.5 weeks and his dose it wouldn’t matter what day he tested. His blood levels should be higher than that so it’s definitely not legit.

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I agree that it’s underdosed. Just tough to know how accurate that 1300 number was. . I thought maybe he could be pinning once a week and possibly some drop. But either way it’s low. His training and diet certainly didn’t help.

Sounds like you’re experiencing some bloat too.

You’re pretty good size though man! 204 and 5’9 ain’t bad depending on BF.

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I dont think I am at bad shape but it changed too little. I paid 35 per bottle feel like wasted my money


Not at all man, ya look good! You weigh more than me and an inch shorter! But i totally get it. Was it a blend of EQ and test?? I’d be frustrated too.

No man. It’s test c and eq. I take them separately. I can eat more but since I don’t see no effect on test I belive only thing I am gonna gain is fat. On the other side I know people who “bulking” with cheerios and pasta and still adding mass. I live in la I just couldn’t Find a legit source here

You look massive bro. Great work. Sorry to hear you got some bad stuff… I swear my last cycle was the same. That and/or EQ just didn’t work for me.

Buying from a local source is less secure and less reliable than a good online vendor these days.


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Domestic vendors can ship gear to your door in 3 days. Cheaper than ever before. I paid $30 for my test 250 cyp…ordered on tuesday… here on friday.

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